What does perpendicular look like?


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Perpendicular is when two lines cross and form a right angle, which I hope you know what that is.

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They look like an upside-down "T".

A perpendicular bisector has a right angle or 90 degrees

Nothing. A perpendicular is an adjective, not a noun. A perpendicular, by itself, cannot exist. A perpendicular bisector, for example, does not have any sides.

It looks like an upside-down "T".

It looks like a plus sign (+)

As far as we know, two lines can be perpendicular, or they can be parallel, but they can't be both.

it would look weird because that is not possible

These lines are perpendicular: _|

It is very close to perpendicular to its plane of rotation.

A perpendicular line is two lines that look like a plus +. If they're not perpendicular, they don't cross with 90 degree angles.

That is impossible because it can only have 1 perpendicular line so if it has 2 it wouldn't be a triangle.

They look like two intersecting lines that make four right angles. Like the two lines in this L.

Perpendicular lines are ones that make right angles when they meet. For instance the letters T H E and L are all made of perpendicular line segments.

They are straight lines that intersect each other at 90 degrees

Like __/ or \__. (in between a straight line and a right angle (perpendicular lines)

A perpendicular line is a straight line that intersects another straight line at right angles or 90 degrees on all four sides.

Two lines are perpendicular when they cross at right angle like the corner of a piece of paper.

It has a 90degree angle. You should stand up and then notice that you are a perpendicular line to the floor since you are 90degrees to the floor if you stand exactly straight up.

The foot of a perpendicular is the lowest part of the perpendicular [Kinda like the feet of people]||||_____^ This is the point where the foot of the perpendicular meets the line.

They are straight lines that intersect each other at right angles or 90 degrees.

A straight line that intersects another straight line at 90 degrees

Perpendicular means that two lines intersect like an X but its just perpendicular

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