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What does plural mean?

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The noun or adjective "plural" means more than one.

The word for one is "singular."

A plural noun is a word for two or more people, places, or things.

The adjective plural describes a noun as more than one.

  • example: plural reasons, plural nouns, plural examples
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What is the plural for swine?

Swine is the plural if you mean animals, swines is the plural if you mean very bad people.

What is the plural of partie?

Do you mean "plural of party?" If so, the plural of party is parties.

What is the plural for handerschief?

If you mean handkerchief, the plural is handkerchiefs

What is the plural of vulver?

If you mean vulva, the plural is vulvae.

What is the plural of amry?

If you mean "Army" then the plural is "Armies".

What is the plural of moues?

If you mean the plural of mouse it is mice.

What is plural form of tankful?

There is no such word. If you mean thankful, there is no plural.

What is the plural of means?

Means is already plural. The singular is mean.

What is the plural of miss in french?

If you mean "miss" as in "madame", the plural is "mesdames".

What does the word fueron mean in Spanish?

it could mean 1. They/you (formal plural) were 2. They/you (formal plural) went

What is the plural of volacano?

I assume you mean "volcano", so the plural of that would be "volcanoes"

What is plural word for rynosores?

If you mean rhinoceros, the plural is rhinoceroses ( although a plural form rhinoceros may be encountered also).

What is the plural of buzz?

The plural of the noun buzz (a sound) is buzzes. The slang use to mean "a rumored situation" would have no plural.

What is the plural of appendix?

The plural form of appendix is appendices, but appendixes is also used.The plural of "appendix" depends on its meaning.If you mean a small organ near your bowel, the plural will be "appendixes".If you mean a part at the end of the book/report/etc. containing additional information, the plural of that will be "appendices."

What does rebellions mean?

the plural of rebellion

What does vos in English mean?

you (plural)

What does sus mean in english?

Their/your (plural)

What does ร‰ireannaigh mean?

Irish (plural)

What does prochains mean?

next (plural)

What does vobis mean in latin?

To/for you (plural).

What do selves mean?

It is the plural for self.

What does the abbreviation pl mean?


What dos singular and plural mean?

singular means one..plural means alot

What does hablรกis mean?

Translation: You (plural, familiar) speak

What does mean rosas mean in latin?

rose plural form