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What does polka mean?

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1.It Meant Music Performed For Dancing The Polka...

2.a A Bohemian Dance With 3 Steps And a Hop In Fast Time...

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What is polka biana?

you may mean Polka Biala, White Polka, when the girls asks boys for dance... if not I dunno

What does polka dots mean?

A polka dot is a kind of plant or a round dot.

Is the bikini yellow or are the polka dots in the song?

the polka dots are yellow the song says "...yellow polka dot bikini..." the polka dots are yellow the song says "...yellow polka dot bikini..." OR is it "yellow(comma) polka dot bikini" because that would mean it is a yellow bikini that has polka dots...

Answer to a rebus puzzle with the word POLKA written at the bottom of the square?

Do you mean like this: wear _____ polka dot? If so, it says Polka dot underwear.

What is polka played in Scrooge?

A Polka is a dance

What does flippermajosticer mean?

Flippermajosticer means a polka dotted penguin.

What does pallino mean in Italian?

"little ball" or "polka-dot"

How do you say polka in Japanese?

to say polka in japanese is poruka which is polka

What are the release dates for Polka Dot Polka - 1944?

Polka Dot Polka - 1944 was released on: USA: 1944

Kinds of polka series?

A. Cross PolkaB. Heel And Toe Polka

How do you spell poke-dot?

I assume you mean Polka dot

What does polka mean in german?

It is a Czech word meaning little half.It is a Polish word meaning girl.It is not a German word. In German, it means the dance, Polka.

What part of speech is polka?

Polka is a noun.

What is a Polka?

A polka is a polish folk dance.

What country was the polka from?

The Polka comes from Poland. The polka did not originate in Poland.It comes Bohemia.Originating around 1837.

What is the name of the polka music in the 1951 classic A Christmas Carol?

Stoparjeva Polka (AKA Stopar Polka)

When was the polka popular?

The Polka was popular in the 18th century.

Is the polka in triple meter?

No. Polka is in duple time.

What is the Popcorn Polka?

It's a song, a polka song.

What are some polka songs?

Some polka song titles are Pennsylvania Polka, Let's Have a Party, and Just Because. Some other polka songs are On Your Toes and What Do I Care.

When was Polka Album created?

Polka Album was created in 1981.

When was Circus Polka created?

Circus Polka was created in 1972.

What is polka culebra?

Polka Culebra is a Mexican folk dance.

How old is the patty cake polka?

what is patty cake polka

When was Guitar Polka created?

Guitar Polka was created in 1946.