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What does pool water contain?


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It contains chlorine.


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No, a salt water pool does not contain bleach.

This pool can contain up to 22,442 gallons of water.

This pool, when filled with 4.5 feet of water, will contain about 15,300 gallons of water.

The majority of pools usually contain water.

If you fill it with 4 feet of water (48 inches), the pool will contain about 5,310 gallons of water.

This size pool (assuming the depth is 4 feet throughout the whole pool) would contain about 8,640 gallons of water.

The water should contain chlorine in order to kill germs. You won't know who or what might land in your pool.

No. A pool of this size can contain a maximum of 6,000 gallons of water.

A Grecian pool with these dimensions can contain 25,920 gallons of water.

A round pool that is 16 feet across and is filled with 48 inches of water will contain about 6,041 gallons of water.

A 30 foot round pool 4.5 feet deep can contain about 90,452.4 liters of water.

An 8-foot round pool filled to a depth of 13 inches would contain about 410 gallons of water.

Most pool thermometers do not contain mercury. An easy way to tell if a pool thermometer contains mercury is if it sinks to the bottom of the pool rather than float.

Assuming the pool is circular, and that you fill the pool to the brim, the pool will contain about 2028 liters of water. However, if you want to leave 4 inches for the water to have some room to splash around, that'll cut that number down to 1859 liters.

If you filled it to a depth of 48 inches (4 feet), the pool would be holding about 5,310 gallons of water. If you filled it all the way to the top (52 inches), the pool would contain about 5,750 gallons of water.

A 15-foot x 42-foot oval pool with an 8-foot deep end and a 3-foot shallow end will contain about 20,443 gallons of water.

Salt water pool filters are the same as fresh water pool filters.

Use a natural ascorbic acid based pool product to clean stains on walls in the pool. Once applied, this product almost immediately removes most stains. Most pool stains come from metals in the water. Test your fill water to make sure it doesn't contain high concentrations of metals, if you fill your pool from sources other than city water.

A pool the water is sanitized and with proper water chemistry. A lake may contain harmful bacteria. Water chemistry in a pool is balanced to somewhat obtain the chemical levels that are present in tap water that you drink. You are trying to duplicate that with pool chemistry. You drink chlorine and wash clothes in it. After hurricanes and such small amounts of bleach is used to sanitize water enough to drink. Think about it. Would you drink that lake water or drink your properly balanced pool water instead? Hope this is helpful.

The pool would contain 160.43 cubic feet of water. But I'm sorry, I only speak metric so I don't know what that is in gallons.

If a person is allergic to bleach they should not swim in a pool. Most pools contain chlorine, which is a form of bleach used to disinfect and sanitize water.

A 28-foot round pool filled with 4 feet of water would contain about 18,500 gallons.

No, but you will get dehydrated, making you breath heavy. I don't agree that you get dehydrated. The body fluids contain salt so in a plain water pool the body is taking on water because it contains salt. The fluids prescribed for an isotonic solution to rinse the nose to keep the sinuses from either gaining or losing water would contain about 500 Gallons of salt/25,000 Gallons of water. A salt pool uses less than 100 gallons of salt/25,000 gallons of water. So the body still absorbs water but less than with a plain water pool. So a plain water pool is more likely to cause the sinuses to swell than a salt pool.

In a 17 foot by 13 foot pool each foot of depth would contain 1653.08 gallons of water. If the pool had a average depth of 4 feet there would be 4 X 1653.08 or 6612.32 gallons.

Simply put any pool can be a salt water pool, even an above ground pool.

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