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popular vote-noun1.the vote for a U.S. presidential candidate made by the qualified voters, as opposed to that made by the electoral college. Compare electoral vote.2.the vote for a candidate, issue, etc., made by the qualified voters, as opposed to a vote made by elected representatives

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Q: What does popular vote mean?
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Related questions

Does The existence of the Electoral College mean that the president is not elected by the popular vote?

Yes, popular vote does not directly determine the president. In fact, on three occasions, the leader in popular vote lost the election.

If the president loses the electoral college can he still win from the majority vote?

If you mean the popular vote the answer of no.

What does it mean when the Electoral College rubber stamps the popular vote?

It Means that the Electoral College approves the vote

What does the popular vote mean?

The number of ballots that a canidate gets.

What does is mean to have a popular vote?

A popular vote means votes from the people/ qualified voters, as opposed to vote by the electoral college.Voting for presidents during elections uses the electoral college, which uses the popular vote of the state to determine which candidate the state's electoral votes go to.

Was bush trying to win electoral or popular vote?

Electoral vote! Evidently the popular vote doesn't count since Gore won the popular vote.

Does the electoral college vote the same as popular vote?

Yes, the electors from each state vote the same as the popular vote in that state. It does not make any difference if the candidate won the state by 1 popular vote or 300,000 popular votes.

What does the word popular election mean?

It means an election that everybody has a chance to vote in.

In the Grant elections which vote got Grant in office the overall popular vote or the electoral college vote?

popular vote

What is the difference between popular vote for a senator and electoral vote vote for president?

the popular vote is by everybody. the electoral vote is by electoral colleges, which not everyone is in

Which branch is selected by popular vote?

Congress (legislative branch) is elected by popular vote.

What is the popular vote?

The popular vote is when the people vote for the president. in actuallity the people don't elect the president. the electorial college do. they win states with the popular vote then the delegates from those states vote for the candidate their state chooses.

Can one candidate win the popular vote but not the electoral vote?

yes. The popular vote total and the electoral vote total are not directly related.

Does the electoral vote happen before or after the popular vote?

The purpose of the popular vote is to determine the members of the electoral college who then meet and vote for a president.

Did Abraham Lincoln win popular vote?

Abraham Lincoln received 40% of the popular vote, in the 1860, Presidential election. So, no he did not win the popular vote.

How can a candidate win a popular vote but lose a electoral vote?

A candidate can win a popular vote by appealing to the state, but can lose a electoral vote by the electoral college deciding against him or her. the electoral college takes the popular votes and makes their vote, determining the new president. for example if Ohios popular vote was for Obama, the electorals would see that and would most likely pick Obama for their vote, but in the past the electorals have gone against the popular vote.

Do electors have to vote for the popular vote winner?

In most cases, they vote for the popular vote winner of the state they represent. For example, if Trump won the popular vote for Kansas, Trump would receive six, which is how many Kansas has, electoral votes.

Did Kennedy lose the popular vote but win the electoral vote?

no he won both popular and electoral vote. However the popular vote was very close and there was strong evidence of vote fraud in cities like Chicago.

Does the electoral vote happen before or after the popular election?

After. The electors are supposed to vote in accordance with the popular vote in their state (or whatever method has been specified, but in practice it amounts to "winner take all" with respect to the popular vote results in nearly every state), so it would be impossible for them to vote until the popular vote results are known.

Why doesn't the popular vote count?

Popular vote counts. It is used to choose the electors who elect the President. Since the electors are chosen on a state by state basis, the total popular vote does not matter., but the popular vote from each state counts.

Did Rutherford B. Hayes win popular vote?

No- he lost in popular vote by about 2%.

Which branch is elected by popular vote?

The legislative branch which means Congress is chosen by direct popular vote.

How does popular vote effect the electoral college?

It is possible that for the U.S. as a whole a candidate could win the popular vote total but lose the electoral vote total. However, the electoral vote of every state accurately reflects the popular vote within that state.

How does popular vote relate to electoral votes?

The electoral vote of every state accurately reflects the popular vote within that state.

Which vote the electoral vote or the popular vote determines who becomes president?

The electoral vote.