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What does pour homme mean?

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pour = for

homme = men

for men

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What is pour homme mean?

In English, French pour homme means "for man". It's possible that the "s" is missing from the end of this - pour hommes would mean "for men", but the "s" is silent.

What do the words pour homme mean on a bottle of cologne?

For him

How do you pronounce pour homme?

"pour homme" (pronounced 'poo-rom') means for men in French.

When was Light Blue Pour Homme created?

Light Blue Pour Homme was created in 2007.

What is the opposite of Pour Homme?

pour femme

What is pour homme?

for a man

Meaning of pour homme?

For Him....

What does eau de toilette pour homme mean?

The meaning of eau de toilette pour homme means toilet water for men in English. This phrase is often seen on cologne bottles.

Is salvatore ferragamo platinum pour homme for men?

"pour homme" means "for men" in French so, yes it is

What does pour homme means?

for men

What is the meaning of pour homme?

for man

What do the words pour homme signify on a bottle of perfume?

"Pour Homme" is French for "For Men." They signify that the fragrance was created for men, not for women.

What are the ratings and certificates for Concerto pour un homme seul - 1980?

Concerto pour un homme seul - 1980 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

Who is the model for bvlgari aqua pour homme marine?


Lalique pour homme nice did you know?

The problem is you, it is not lalique

What does the French word 'homme' mean?

homme = man

Who is the male from lacoste pour homme perfume commercial?

ian lawless

What is the very sharp men perfume?

Ted Lapidus Pour Homme

Where do you spray pour homme?

it's cologne, so typically on your neck.

What does homme mean?

man Homme is french for man.

Which of Taylor Lautner favorite perfume?

Dolce & gabbana light blue pour homme

Does homme mean man in English?

yes, homme is translated man in English.

What actors and actresses appeared in Estivantes pour homme seul - 1979?

The cast of Estivantes pour homme seul - 1979 includes: Alain Azoulay as Roland Sylvie Dessartre as Sophie Huguette Duchet as La fille Carole Stresse as Sylvie

What is the guys name in the lacoste pour homme ad he's naked and kicks a cushion?

Ian Lawless

What does s'il est un homme mean?

" s'il est un homme " means 'if he is a man'.

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