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Pour poudre vives means it was made for smokeless powder (not for black powder, in other words it was made after smokeless powder came into common use).

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What DONDE VIVES mean?

Donde vives means where do you live

What does unn dnde vives mean in English?

'unn' - ?'donde vives' = where (do) you live

What does Donde vives mean?


What does donde vives mean in English?

Where do you live?

What does dรณnde vives mean in Spanish?

"Where do you live?"

What does vives mean in english?

(you, informal singular) live

What does 'donde vives' mean?

Where do you live?

What does con que vives mean?

It means "with what do you live?"

What does y tu dondes vives mean?

And where do you live?

What does vivis mean in spanish?

"Vivís" is equivalent to "vives" in some regions. The question "¿dónde vivís?" can be replaced for: "¿dónde vives?" and it means "Where do you live?"

Vives in English?

vives - you live

What does vives en mi corazon mean?

You live in my heart.

What does Vives en un apartamento mean in English?

You live in an apartment.

What does where do you live mean in spanish?

¿Dónde vive / viven / vives / vivís?

How do you answer to donde vives?

Donde Vives means where do you live.

How do you say donde vives in spanish?

Donde vives = Where (do) you live

How tall is Victoria Vives?

Victoria Vives is 5' 8".

What does donde vibes mean?

The correct spell is: ¿Donde vives? it means : Where do you live at?

What is y donde vives?

y = and donde = where youvives = you live"...and where do you live?"

What does pour mean in french?

Pour is the French for "for."For instance 'pour moi' is 'for me'; 'pour vous' is 'for you'; 'pour quoi' is 'why' (literally (for what')

What is the area of Saint-Jean-d'Aigues-Vives?

The area of Saint-Jean-d'Aigues-Vives is 4,520,000.0 square meters.

What does con quien vives mean in English?

with who do you live. next time go to

How do you say Donde vives in English?

Donde vives is the Spanish phrase for "Where do you live?"

How do you pronounce donde vives?

dónde vives: DOHN-day VEE-vez

When was Enric Valor i Vives born?

Enric Valor i Vives was born in 1911.