What does prep optional mean in gymnastics?


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Prep-Optional (Prep-Op) - The PREP is an abbreviation for Presentation, Rhythm, Execution and Poise. Prep-op provides provide an alternative Optional program to serve any or all of the following: · Athletes who desire a basic introduction to optional competition. · Athletes who may need a year of Pre-level 7 before competing at Level 7 · Jr./Sr. High school athletes who want to participate in club programs but are not competitive at Level 7/8 or who do not wish to commit to Level 7/8 training hours. Athletes who have "retired" from competing in the USAG JO Optional Program but wish to continue competing in gymnastics in a less demanding competitive environment.

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It's just like regular gymnastics, but you and/ or your coach(es) get to make up your own routines. Your SV is lower (than 10.00), but you can raise it by adding bonus material to your routines.

Have you competed as a Prep Optional? If not you can move down to Level 6. If you have competed as Prep Optional then you can stay on Prep Op. Or move to level 7. :)

Back layout back tuck all splits fly away giant back tuck off beam back handspring on beam

it how hard you work and what you can do if you can't do a cartwheel then you are not a novice optional. you are a beginner optional

in Chinese gymnastics means gymnastics

some good subtopics would be: floor vault beam bars important names in gymnastics compulsory vs. optional gymnastics hope this helps!

Prep can be short for either preparatory (as in preparatory schools) or preparation (as in homework preparation).

Gymnastics mean a sport the takes balance,listening skills,talent, and hard work. Gymnastics is good for everyone to do. It helps with you MUSCLE,FLEXIBILITY, AND MANY OTHER THINGS. Gymnastics is good for boys and girls.

Yes gymnastics is for all ages. There are classes from mommy and me classes to adult classes in certain gymnastics centers. I started gymnastics at a late age for gymnastics. I started at the age of 10 ( I'm 15 now) and I'm now doing competitive gymnastics. But since I did start gymnastics later I'm not at a very high competitive level. My coaches told me if I did start gymnastics at an earlier age like everyone else I could've been at least a level 9 or maybe even 10! But since I do other stuff like cheerleading at school and gymnastics and I'm in high school now I do prep op gymnastics which is gymnastics which is not as committed as being an optional gymnast. Gymnastics is good to start young since your body is really flexible and your not afraid to try new skills and to build motor skills. If you started late like me its also good because you work on flexibility, strength, endurance, and it helps you get disciplined and stay focus at school. Almost every gymnasts get straight As. Adult classes are also good to start since adults also need exercise and they work on flexibility and strength to work on bone strength and endurance. So yes gymnastics is for all ages, and you have plenty of choices to choose from like mommy and me, adult, rec team, competitive team, and prep op levels. Hope this helped. Jean

It means the comments you put are optional, you don't have to comment

Prep time means how long it takes to prepare and mix up the recipe

In the USA gymnastics program the phases are usually represented by a pyramid. The bottom is compulsory and optional levels 1-10. The middle is elite gymnastics. the top is Olympic and World championships.

I'm looking for a preparatory school in New England or New Hork or New Jersey that has a competitive girls gymnastic team. I am not interested in a gymnastics school that also offers academics.

promotion code optional for credit card

In the USA each *Gymnastic Sports use a similar number system to denote the level. Each level is more difficult.In USA Men and Woman's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymanstics, Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics, The levels of gymnastics start at level 1 and go all the way to elite levels. (up to three elite levels) Levels 1-3 are typically designed for recreational and or competitive skill developmen and do not usually compete. Pre team helps you get ready for level four. Level four through six is compulsory, meaning that you all do the same routine. Level 7 through 10 are optional routines. For the Gymnastic sports that use music the lower levels all use the same music and around level seven the coach athlete get to choose the music.Skills used in Optional Routines are selected from a manual of skills that list all skills and ranks them in difficulty. The more difficult skills have a higher point value. You make up the Optional routine to maximize the point value of the routine by selecting highest value skills the athlete can safely do and perform with least amount of mistakes possible. If music is part of the Gym sport it selected by coach/athlete.Elite level is the highest and the rules are same across the world. This level is used in Intnerational Competitions.Some competitive Organizations in USA for Woman's Artistic also include levels of Preparatory Optional (Prep Op) 1,2,3, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum in which you have your own routine and music.*Gymnastic Sports includeArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sAerobic GymnasticsRhythmic GymnasticsPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsAcrobatic GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics

Something that can be chosen but is not required. For instance, you can have a hamburger, but do not need to have pickles on it, they would be optional.

Optional means not required(you don't have to) but you could if you wanted to.

It depends on the level: Prep Op Silver- 30 sec. - 1 min. Prep Op Gold and Platinum- 1 min. & 10 sec. Level 7 and up- 1 min. & 30 sec.

Do you mean what are the basic skills?

If you mean USAG, then yes. USAG means United States of America Gymnastics.

well it depends if you mean in prep or in univerisity in prep we read books in unerverity we did creative writing

If by "prep fashion" you mean "prep-school fashion", I would say things like blazers, vests, button-down shirts, etc. If you mean preppy fashion, I would say brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, and Hollister.

WAG is often referred to as Woman's Artistic Gymnastics men's on the other hand is MAG, MAG is Men's Artistic Gymnastics

After the 1996 Olympics, compulsory was taken out. which means that you compete with a required routine which is the same as every other competitor. School uses compulsory while the Olympics now, use optional routines which means that you have a different routine than every one else. School gymnastics isn't as serious and don't compete at as much meets as the Olympics. To go into Olympic Gymnastics you have to be trained in an Olympic gym. you go though levels of gymnastics until you are an elite gymnast,this mean you are at the level of which the olympics are at. You have to train a lot and it take extreme strength and agility.

Greater Houston Gymnastics Foundation

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