What does priest's mean?

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Q: What does priest's mean?
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Are there any female Catholic preachers?

If you mean priests, no. There are no female Catholic priests

What does Los Padres street mean?

The Parents or the Priests

What does pe mean after a priests name?

Don't know

What does 'hierophobia' mean?

Hierophobia - fear of priests or sacred items

What is the name of a Catholic priests scarf?

If you mean the liturgical vestment worn around the shoulders of priests as they administer the sacraments it is called a 'stole'.

What are the symbols on the back of a priests vestment mean?

That depends on what symbols are on it. It varies.

What are the three annoitings in the Bible?

You probably mean the anointing of prophets, priests and kings.

How did they live at the Carmelo Mission?

it depends on who you mean the military men, priests or workers

What were the 3 types of priests in Egypt?

high priests temple priests

What does abbey mean?

An abbey is a building that houses monks, nuns, or priests. It really is a church.

What do nuns and priests wear?

cloths they wear their birthday suites (if u know what i mean)

What does stl after a priests name mean?

STL and STD are Licentiate or Doctorate in Sacred Theology.

Does Indonesia have priests?

Yes. Buddhist priests, Hindu priests, Catholic priests, Protestant ministers, Muslim Imams...

What are priests today?

Priests will be priests: belong to the clergy, ministers of a Christian Church.

Are English priests allowed to marry?

All Catholic priests, without exception, take a vow of celibacy when they are ordained. The few men who are ordained when they are already married, say from another Rite (other than the Latin Rite) or Anglican priests who converted and were already married, and ordained as priests - they all must take a vow of celibacy, which means that they can never marry after they are ordained. . If by "English priests" you mean "Anglican priests" who are protestant, as far as I know, the Anglican and Episcopal Churches have no regulations against their priests getting married.

What are the differences between Catholic and Christian priests?

None, Catholic priests are Christian priests.

Do priests get crushes?

Priests are human beings.

Where are priests trained?

Priests are trained in seminaries.

What does the word padres mean?

That's Spanish for (a) fathers, (b) parents, (c) Catholic priests.

Are catholic priests pastors?

Priest and Pastor mean the same in general and they both do the same thing however in a Catholic Church ther are called Priests and in a Protestant Church they are called Pastors.

What is the difference between the Aztecs and the Mayan priests?

The Maya priests is more educated then the Aztec priests.

What is the name for a series of daily services given by Catholic priests?

diocesan priests, or abby priests?

What has the author Puji written?

Puji has written: 'Wu deng hui yuan' -- subject(s): Biography, Buddhist Priests, Priests, Buddhist, Priests, Zen, Zen Priests, Buddhist priests

What is the group of priests who devote themselves to rehabilitation of priests addicted to alcohol?

The Vianney Renewal Center is the place where priests help priests with addictions to alcohol

What is a monestry?

A monstry is a place were priests learn how to be priests.