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What does purolator oil filter pl14612?


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Saab 92x (2005 - 2006)


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Purolator oil filter #L14615 replaces Wix #57830 but that Purolator oil filter is not available yet. The purolator company says the availability will be announced.

The filter is made by Purolator but that does not mean it is made as good as a Purolator. If it were my car I would use a Purolator filter.

Any name brand 5w30 weight oil and a quality filter such as Wix or Purolator. I use Pennzoil oil and Purolator filter.

And STP oil filter model number S2 cross references to a Purolator model L24651.

What auto does Purolator oil filter L14610 fit

In my opinion, the Purolator is the better filter. The Fram and Purolator are similarly priced, yet the Purolator has better construction and more filtering media.

A Purolator L14476 will work perfectly.

I found this filter on Amazon here: You will find there a list of all vehicles this filter fits.

Purolator 60362 is not in the FRam Filters cross reference guide.

Purolator L20081 oil filter will fit a 1963 gravely tractor L model with a stutabaker engine.I need one.

Purolator L14459 or Purolator Pure One PL14459. I highly recommend Purolator filters as they are a quality filter equal to or better than the OEM Honda filter.

No, it will not fit, you need a Purolator PL24011

Proformax filters are Pennzoil's house brand filter that are made by Fram or Purolator depending on who you ask. I am not sure but I do know that Purolator is a quality filter. Use a quality filter like Purolator not a cheap filter. The correct Purolator filter for your 1994 Honda Civic is Purolator PL14459. The filter is just as important as the oil so don't skimp on quality to save a couple of dollars. Bosch, & Wix are also excellent filters.

The part number for either Fram or Purolator is the same, PH8170. Fram at Autozone is $9.99. Purolator at AdvanceAuto is $17.00.

A 2007 Mini Cooper S uses a Purolator L15465 oil filter. It is designed to trap small particles in the oil before it can damage the engine.

Cross references to Wix filter 51515.

Ernest Sweetland, 1922... Purolator

A purolator L14620 is an oil filter. This model should fit most late model Honda cars. This type of oil filter usually sells for under ten dollars.

Purolator, Wix, & Bosch are all excellent filters. I personally use Purolator.

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