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What does puta mean?


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Puta is a Spanish curse word. It can be translated as either "bitch" or "whore".


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Puta is a Spanish word, and it means...something dodgy.

Vaya means either leave or get out, and puta means bitch.

It is an offensive term meaning "whore" and can also mean for similar words like that.

What does me pongo mean in spanish

Prostitute (similar to its meaning in Spanish).

It is Spanish for "bitch please"

la kk de puta mas grandae de los maricas hijos de puta

It translates to "You are my whore/bitch."

you're my bitch for life

"What a dumb ghetto b**ch"

Mircea Puta died in 2007.

Mircea Puta was born in 1950.

In spanish, a putita (small puta) would mean something like "little prostitute". I know that in some places saying puta (or puto, male for puta) means like flirty(?) like if you're boyfriend says "que putita eres!" (what a putita you are!) it could mean something like how playful (in a somewhat sexual way). It all depends on the way it was being said.

it is the tarandaong animal puta ka anak puta! Ideas please

If I'm correct it means "What you want b*tch?" or something similar to that.

porque ellos qieran, hijo de PUTA ,erdito. maldita puta.

Puta is a very derogatory word, and can be a very offensive to some cultures, especially with how and when you use it.

muter doesnt exist i think you mean puta in which case its and you B**ch or you as well B**ch

And tell your friend to shut his **** mouth.

te odeio você puta feia te odeio você puta feia

De puta madre - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

It means "(She) is a dirty whore/slut." It is very vulgar and should not be used in polite conversation.

The cast of La virgen puta - 2005 includes: Esther Carrasco

The cast of De puta madre - 2009 includes: Elena Corredera

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