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What does rain have to do with a rainbow?

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A rainbow is seen when the atmosphere is high in humidity and the sun light is refracted through water droplets in the atmosphere. This condition is most perfect after a rain storm has washed most of the dust and air contamination away, so there is little to no interference.

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What makes the colors in a rainbow?

it is the rain when it rain and the sun comes out the rainbow.

What is the name of the movie whose name start with rain?

Rain Man, The Rain People, The Rain Killer, Rain Without Thunder, The Rainmaker, The Rains Came, Rainbow, Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Drive, Rainbow Warrior, Rainbows' End, Raining Stones

What does rainbow at noon more rain soon mean?

if there is a rainbow at noon there will be more rain

Do rainbow lorikkets live in a rain forst?

do rainbow lorikeets live in a rain forest

Who is girlfriend of rain?

The rainbow is rain's girlfriend that why when it fain and go away the rainbow that looking for rain.

How do you see a rainbow?

it is when it is cloudy and warm when it starts raining you can see it but the sun has to be out shining behing the rainbow a rainbow is like rain in front of you a rainbow is made by rain and sunshine and clouds

What must happen to cause a rainbow?

In order for a rainbow to happen it needs to rain. Just after you see the rain is gone a rainbow appears for a short moment. A mixture of rain and light creates a rainbow. You could even use a glass with water and sunlight for a rainbow to appear.

How do you make the rainbow rain?

you put water on it and then shake the rainbow and it should start to pour which is a.k.a rain

How rainbow are formed?

By rain

What is the effect of the rainbow?


What is the opposite of rainbow?


How will have a rainbow after the rain?

After rain rainbow will come up! because after rain few drops of water or rain in sky when sun light passing these drops of rain. light showing in different colours.

Why is rainbow not found during noon?

because the rain is like cristals if you hold one up to the light it will reflect a rainbow so light=rain=rainbow

Is a rainbow real?

A rainbow is a reflection of the sun on rain, or, in summer, the sprinkler.

What is a good symbol for hope?

rainbow... because after the rain there is always a rainbow, there is a hope in every storm of our life, like a rainbow after the rain. just look at it when your sad the color of rainbow give us smile.

Who named the rainbow a rainbow?

Rainbows are formed in the rain so rain and bow because it may be some form of a bow.

What is the appearance and disappearance of rainbow?

The appearance of the rainbow is the reflection of the sun's light through rain particles. The disappearance of the rainbow is the shifting of the sun's race to an angel inconsistent with the position of the rain.

Can you see a rainbow after rain?

Yes, if there is sunlight shining on falling rain at the proper angle. Anytime there is a break in the clouds during rain, a rainbow should be appearing somewhere.

Product of sun and rain?


What is a product of rain and sun?

A rainbow.

What is a product of sun and rain?


A product of sun and rain?


Why the rainbow comes after the rain?


Who is the rainbow maker?

The rain man

Can there be a rainbow without the rain?


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