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What does ratio level mean?


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July 12, 2009 1:30PM

Ratio is the highest level of measurement in that the data can be ordered, the distance between the values are meaningful, and there is a natural zero. Examples of Ratio measurement would be weight, height, money, age, and distance. From the related link "The ratio scale of measurement is the most informative scale. It is an interval scale with the additional property that its zero position indicates the absence of the quantity being measured. You can think of a ratio scale as the three earlier scales rolled up in one. Like a nominal scale, it provides a name or category for each object (the numbers serve as labels). Like an ordinal scale, the objects are ordered (in terms of the ordering of the numbers). Like an interval scale, the same difference at two places on the scale has the same meaning. And in addition, the same ratio at two places on the scale also carries the same meaning."