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What does razor burn look like?


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razor burn is just a bunch of little red bumps on your skin!! Usually they will sting after you get it..

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it is simmilar to a blister. it will be red and painful. do not confuse this with razor burn.

If you mean razor burn it is when you shave and and leaves the skin red and sore like a burn. A good shaving cream can help, so can a sharp razor or maybe a good quality electric razor. Also your skin gets somewhat used to shaving after awhile. To get a good idea on what is razor burn and how to prep for a shave, shave properly, and avoid razor burn visit the site attached below.

my dog has razor burn what i do for her to help it heal quily

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A razor burn is not actually a burn. It is a result of skin irritation.

If razor burn is from shaving, then you need a skin balm. Tea of any description will not help

A few things can look like herpes such as in grown hairs, razor burn or bacterial infections. To know for sure testing for herpes should be done.

Yes, more than likely it is razor burn, especially if is a new razor that your skin is not used to.

you should have a professional "Brazillian Wax'" treatment at a salon it is better and does not have razor burn and lasts 5 times longer

They look like your face! haha...i would no...

These are Razor Shells and are called that because they look like old fashioned cut-throat razors. See the link I will place below.

There are a number of tips that may help one avoid razor burn when shaving pubic hairs. It is stated that this is best done in the shower as the pores will be open and one will have a closer shave. Using a shaving gel or cream can also provide a barrier to avoid razor burn. It is also suggested to use a new razor when shaving.

To lubricate the skin to prevent razor burn.

because if it is used on dry hair your skin will get razor burn and it will be very painful.

Unless you want to wax or use a chemical hair removal such as Nair, you dont! It can cause severe razor burn with out shaving cream and you cannot do anything without a razor unless you want to wax or use a product like Nair.

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it depends on the kind of burn(second degree rug burn) but here's what a normal one would look like:

If they shave even their bikini line, then it's probably razor burn. Look it up.

Generally, the freezer burn would look white and would feel dry and spongy or papery.

It looks like a combination of a red patch and a blister.

You can, it depends on the person but it can help with razor burn.

The Braun Pulsonic Dry Shaver claims that it does not and there are no obvious reports that it does.However razor burn is a very personal issue and it depends largely how well your face is trained for shaving.

Its when they take a straight razor to cut your hair, at the salon. To give it that choppy look!

depend on treatment it can last up to one weak

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