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What does recind mean?

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Rescind means to cancel or revoke. The term rescind is common used in business and law and involves contracts or agreements.

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"Rescind' means to repeal or annul something

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Can the finance company recind a loan now that the cosigner has died?

AS long as the loan is in good standing, the finance company can not recind a loan..I do believe you are using the wrong word (recind)..If the loan is past due, the company can demand payment in full..The death of a co-borrower has no effect.

Is there a right to Recind a car purchase in Colorado?


Can two parties mutually agree to recind a contract?

Certainly. They made to contract, they can agree to end the contract.

How do you recind an adoption?

It is not always possible to rescind an adoption. If an adoption has already gone through, you cannot rescind it.

Another word for recall?

Synonyms for the verb to recall are:reminiscerememberrecollectwithdrawrecindrevokeSynonyms for the noun recall are:reminiscencerecollectionretrospectionrevocationretractionwithdrawal

What is the best way to tell if a stubborn female likes you?

She probably would try really hard to show you she doesnt like you. She may say some things that are offensive then later on recind what she says and say she was in a bad mood. Why not just ask her, if she's a woman be the man and get it out of the way.....

If an account is sent to collections is there a way to get the original company to rescind that?

Yes. The best way to get them to recind is to pay the debt. This may mean you pay the whole balance or offer to settle for a partial amount. Aside from payment of the debt there is no way to get them to rescind a legitimate collection item. If you owe the money and failed to pay, aside from obviously wanting their money back, they must show their regulators that they made a sincere collection attempt including sending the debt to a colletion agency.

Is a urine test needed for a policy?

Some companies require it and some don't depending on the policy and amount applied for. Your question would lend to tell one that perhaps you are aware that you have a problem medical or drug related. Do you intend to lie when filling out the application? 4lifeguild usually. Also depends on the amount. Be sure to answer the questions correctly or they might still recind the policy.

Can you buy a used car and return before 72 hours?

In most states there is no "Return Clause" if you went to a dealership to purchase the vehicle. If someone came to your home or place of work and consumated the sale you may have a 72 hour return opportunity. The difference is that if you went to the dealership you actually initiated the transaction and have no remedy. If they came to your home or place of business theyinitiated the transaction and you may have the right to recind your agreement.

Why should you avoid kid-bids in on-line auctions?

Kid-bids online, just as in the natural world, can be recinded. A minor, under the age of 18, may disaffirm a contract entered into with someone at the age of majority. In other words, a child can void a contract or bid because the child is under the age of 18. A minor can enter into any contract that is not prohibited by law. An adult who enters into a contract with a minor cannot recind a contract made with a minor. Illegal contracts are considered void.

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