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What does resent mean?

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It means u don't like who u used to

be or what u use to do :> <3

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Is resent a noun?

No, the word resent is a verb with two meanings. Resent can mean to feel bitter, indignant, or displeasure from a sense of injury or insult. A noun form is resentment.Resent is also a verb for 'to send again'.

What does I resent that mean?

The reaction "I resent that" means that the speaker objects to a statement made about him or his actions. It means that he views a characterization or implication as offensive or demeaning.

How do you uses resent in a sentence?

I resent that!

What does respent mean?

Respent is not a word. Could you mean resent, to feel aggrieved about something or toward somebody?

What does the word resent mean?

To "greatly dislike" something or to "feel bitter" about something.

How do you spell resent in french?

"resent" = "mal supporter"

What is the adjective of resent?

Resentful is the adjective for the verb resent

Why did the colonists resent the Currency Act?

Why did the colonists resent the Currency Act?

What is a sentence with the word resent?

I resent the implication that I'm a "know it all"!

What is the noun for resent?

The noun forms for the verb to resent are resentfulness and resentment.

What does it mean when you have a dream about your ex killing your resent boyfriend?

It means you may need psycatric help.

What does mean lend your money and lose your friend?

You should not lend money to your friends; if you do, either you will have to bother your friend to repay the loan, which will make your friend resent you, or your friend will not repay the loan, which will make you resent your friend.

What is the difference between 'resent' and 'recent'?

The difference between 'resent' and 'recent' is, the word 'resent' is a synonym to the word 'hate' or 'dislike', while 'recent' refers to something that occurred a short time ago, or recently.

Can you give me a sentence with the word resent?

Ordinary citizens resent the intrusion of government into intimate decisions.

What is pureNRGs most resent album?

PureNRG's most resent and last album is "GRADUATION THE BEST OF PURENRG"!

How do you spell rezent?


Why did the North so strongly resent the Fugitive Slave Law and why did the South resent northern resistance to enforcing it?

i love you

What is the synonym of the word resent?


How do you say resent in filipino?


What is the Saturdays resent song?

Missing You :)

Why did patricians resent Etruscan rule?


Do resent and reserve have similar meanings?


What is the base word of resentment?


What does God say about Those who do not fear God?

God does does not resent those who do not fear him, nor does he resent those who do not believe in him. He cherishes all.

How do use resent in a sentence?

I resent the letter to mrs.markham because she said it didn't go through so she needed another copy.