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A bacterial cell contains about 10,000 ribosomes which co up to 30% of the weight of the bacterium.

In contrast to most eukaryote ribosomes, the bacterial ribosomes do not appear to be attached to internal cell membranes, but are found free in the cytoplasm.

In functionally, active bacteria the cytoplasm is packed -with free and randomly distributed ribosomes.

This dense packing may mask any attachment to internal membranes.

Strings of ribosomes have been found loosely attached to the inside of the plasma membrane.

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Do bacteria have ribosomes?

YES! Bacteria do have ribosomes. The ribosomes take about 30% of the whole bacterium's weight. Approximately 10,000 ribosomes are in one bacterium cell.Yes they do!no

What organelles are there in a bacteria cell?

Ribosomes Cell membrane Cell wall Mitochondrion flagellum

List of organelles in a bacteria cell?

ribosomes cell membrane or cell wall mitochondria

Does bacteria have ribosomes?

YES! Bacteria do have ribosomes. The ribosomes take about 30% of the whole bacterium's weight. Approximately 10,000 ribosomes are in one bacterium cell.Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Does_bacteria_have_ribosomes#ixzz1MqAdy79v

Why ribosomes are of 70s in mitochondria of eukaryotic cell?

They evolved from bacteria. So they have 70s ribosomes.

Which structures are possessed by all bacteria?

Chromosomes Cell Membrane Ribosomes

Does bacteria cell contain another bacteria?

No, bacteria can not endocytosise another bacteria. bacteria contains cell wall, DNA called nucleoid and cytoplasm. Bacteria can make its own proteins by its ribosomes..No, they do not. They are not large enough for more bacteria inside.

How does a bacteria cell differ from plant or animal cells?

A bacteria cell differs structurally from plant and animal cells because of its small size. A bacteria cell has flagella outside of the cell to help it move. A bacteria cell does not contain organelles. Only the chromosome and sometimes ribosomes are visible in a bacteria cell.

Are ribosomes present in bacteria?

Yes, ribosomes are present in bacteria.

Do bacteria have organelles?

Yes, they have Ribosomes. ^I do not want to change the answer to no because I am not 100% sure of it, but I do know that Ribosomes are not considered organelles. Ribosomes are proteins that are free floating in bacteria. Organelles are usually specialized, membrane-bound features of a cell.

What is the function of ribosomes in bacteria?

The ribosomes in bacteria are the site of protein synthesis.

What is the function of ribosomes in a bacteria cell?

they are the location of protein synthesis.Ribosomes are used to produce proteins in the cell. That's what I learned in 6th grade science a couple years ago.

How are ribosomes of bacteria and eukaryotic cells different?

Bacteria ribosomes are 70s.Eukariyotic ribosomes in cytoplasm and ER are 80s.

What does the cell ribosomes do?

what do ribosomes do for the cell

What are the parts of a bacteria cell?

Because the bacteria is an one-celled organism, so the few parts it has in its only cell are Gel-like capsule, cell wall, cell membrane, ribosomes,hereditary material, and a flagellum

What kind of cell you find ribosome?

Ribosomes are found in every cell... Plant cells, Animal cells, and Bacteria cells.

Do bacterial cells have a Golgi apparatus?

No. Bacteria are prokaryotes and only have DNA, cell membranes, and ribosomes.

What group would a unicellular organism that has a 70s ribosomes and a peptidoglycan cell wall?

70s ribosomes can be seen in mitochondria,chloroplast and bacterial cells.But peptidoglycan cell wall is unique to kingdom bacteria.

What type of cell makes up bacteria?

Bacteria are unicellular organisms that are classified as prokaryotes. Prokaryotes have a cell membrane, cytoplasm, ribosomes, and DNA that just sits there without a nucleus as eukaryotic DNA does.

What do ribosomes do for the cell?

Ribosomes do the work of protein synthesis for the cell.

Where are the ribosomes formed in the cell?

Ribosomes are formed in the nucleolus of the cell

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