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What does salinity affect?

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salinity affects the plants ability to draw water from the soil. too much salinity prevents the plant from getting any water and it dies. It also can get underneath houses and make them rot.

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What factors affect salinity?

There are several factors that affect salinity. Some of the main factors include evaporation and precipitation which will affect the salinity of oceans and seas.

What does not affect ocean salinity?


What are the two factors that affect the salinity of ocean water?

The temperature and the minerals in the ocean are the two factors that affect salinity of ocean water.

How do salinity and temperature affect the density of water?

As salinity and temperature rise, water density increases.

How does water movement affect salinity?

Well, the movement off the water moves the salt or the salinity.

How does salinity affect dolphins?

It helps them float.

What are three factors that affect salinity?


What factors affect the salinity of seawater?


How does density affect currents?

Salinity and temperature

How does salinity affect ocean life?

no you dident

How does salinity affect the oceans?

evaporation and rain.

How does water temperature affect water salinity?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Temperature and Salinity".

What factors affect salinity of a tidepool?

Temperature of the water

How does salinity affect the environment?

It pollutes the environment with saltiness

Does the salinity affect the freezing point of water?


What factors affect density currents?

Salinity and temperature

How does human activity affect salinity?

Of the sea, not at all.

How does salinity affect water temperature?

The temperature and salinity of seawater determine its density. Water gets denser as it gets saltier and reaches a maximum density at 4 °C. Salinity does affect the boiling point and freezing point of water, but not its temperature.

What two things affect the density of water?

The temperature and the salinity affect water's density.

How does the salinity of water affect how well objects can float or sink in the water?

the higher the salinity the more easily an object can float

Does industrial polutants affect ocean surface salinity?


What 2 things affect the density of water?

the temperature and the salinity

How temperature and salinity affect the formation of deep current?


Does water salinity affect great white sharks?

Yes it does

Does the salinity or density of water affect the water's boiling point?

as the salinity of water increased the bioling point increased and the denisty as well