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they eat things that fish eat: ferns or stuff in the water now for pets u feed them food u buy at a pet store

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Do sea horses eat sea horses?


What do sea horses eat?

Sea horses eat little shrimp

How do you sea horses eat their food?

Sea horses eat their food through their snout. Sea horses eat continuously as they do not have completely functional digestive systems.

Do sea horses eat krill?

yes Yes Sea Horses eat Krill they also eat little shrimp :)

What can harm sea horses?

Sea horses can mostly be harmed by Crabs and Tuna fish witch both eat sea horses

Things that eat sea horses?

Sea Horses eat a varity of little Shrimp and a variety of differant little fish.

Do sea turtles eat sea horses?

No, they don't.

Do sea horse eat coral?

If sea horses eat coral, then men eat rocks.

What do baby sea horses eat?

i believe that baby sea horses eat the same things as adult sea horses just incase you don't know what adult seahorses eat they eat small fish,larvae,or anything small enough to swallow

What are the natural predators of sea horses?

The sea horses predators are humans and fish that eat other fish. The

Are sea horses carnivores?

no they eat seaweed

Do dolphins eat sea horses?


What kind of food do sea horses eat?

Sea grass and moss

Did Poseidon EAT horses?

No, Poseidon did not eat horses in Greek myth, he was god of the sea, rivers, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses. Horses might have been sacrificed to him, but he didn't eat them.

What do skarks eat?

Sharks eat any kinds of fish or sea animals like crabs and sea horses

Do seahorse eat plankton?

Sea horses do eat plankton.They also eat fish larvae.

What eat small sea horses?

crabs,tuna,and penguins eat sea horses.that because their small enough to swallow.

What do sea horses do for the environment?

They eat other animals dung

What do sea horses eat and what eats them?

They eat little shrimps and penguins,crabs,and some fish eat them

Do sea horses eat little shrimp?

Sea horses do in fact eat small shrimps! They also eat very small fish and plankton. They're not very picky, it seems, since they just eat anything that's small and living.

What do young sea horses eat?

i need to know what young seahorses eat not me to answer the the question i asked

What did the Aztecs hunt with?

you live under water and eat sea horses

What organelle is a seahorse like?

sea horses like to eat MEAT

Are sea horses predators?

sea hores are predators because they eat small shrimp,crabs,and fish

Do seahorses eat fish?

They do not eat fish at all. Tiny shrimp and crustaceans are the food of sea horses.