What does seaweed do?

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It provides protein to all the organisms.

Seaweed provides us with loads of nutrition. Different seaweeds provide different amounts of vitamins and minerals. Here are just a few of them:

iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, chromium, protein (as mentioned above), mannitol, phosphorous, alginate, fucoidan, laminarin, carotene, germanium, phytohormones, vitamins, A, C, D, E, K and B complex vitamins.

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Q: What does seaweed do?
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How do mackerel hide from its predators?

by hiding in seaweed by hiding in seaweed by hiding in seaweed by hiding in seaweed

What plant don't horses like?

seaweed seaweed seaweed

How is seaweed and kelp different?

Seaweed is a general term. Kelp is a seaweed.

Is kale seaweed?

No, kale is not seaweed. Perhaps you mean "kelp" which is a seaweed.

What kinds of seaweed live in freshwater?

freshwater seaweed,freshwater seaweed, and uhh,freshwater seaweed. that's what kind!

Is seaweed an algae?

Yes, seaweed is algae. Algae is actually Latin for seaweed.

Is seaweed salad made of seaweed?

The main ingredient in seaweed salad is understandably seaweed. There are several kinds of seaweed used for salads: wakame, hijiki, nori, to name a few.

Is seaweed a bacteria?

No, seaweed is a plant.

Is seaweed renewable?

Seaweed is renewable!

What is an underwater plant?

seaweed seaweed

What species is seaweed in?

Seaweed? Plants.

Is seaweed nonliving?

is seaweed nonliving

What is an antonym for seaweed?

Seaweed does not have an antonym.

How do seaweed reproduce?

Seaweed reproduces by division. If a piece of seaweed gets torn off, it will grow into a fully functioning seaweed plant.

Trophic pyramid of seaweed?

The trophic pyramid of seaweed would include seaweed as a producer in the area at the base of the pyramid. The seaweed is followed by grazing creatures that eat seaweed and are then eaten by predators.

What type animal is a seaweed?

seaweed is a PROTIST related to the algae. seaweed does not have true tissue.

Is seaweed for fish the same as seaweed for people?

Maybe. Or maybe there is a special seaweed for humans

How do i make seaweed in alxemy?

To make seaweed in alxemy is DNA + Sunlight. And there's your seaweed.

Would you please use the word 'seaweed' in a sentence?

The word seaweed can be used in a sentence such as:"The fish swim in a sea with seaweed in it."The seaweed is now jetsam at the high water mark on the beach.I've got seaweed on my hook.

Is seaweed a algea?

Yes, seaweed is an alga.

Does seaweed float?

Yes, seaweed does float

What is the size of seaweed?

what is the usual size for a seaweed?

Is seaweed meat?

Seaweed is an aquatic plant.

Do turtles eat seaweed?

they do eat seaweed

Is seaweed an herbivore?

No, seaweed is not a herbivore, it is a producer.