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Semen, also known as ejaculate, is the fluid containing sperm that is ejaculated during sexual excitement. It is composed of seminal fluid from the seminal vesicles, fluid from the prostate, fluid from the Cowper's gland, and sperm. Sperm move from the testicles to the seminal vesicles through tubes called the vas deferens. In the seminal vesicles, they mix with other fluids to form semen.

A tablespoon of semen contains approximately six calories. Semen does contain protein, but it also contains all kinds of chemicals and minerals, including water, sugar, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, nitrogen, vitamin B12, and zinc. But it does not contain enough of any of these things to be considered "nutritious."

What's sperm made up of?

It contains at least 3 vitamins: C, B12, and E. It also contains important minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and phosphor. Two sweeteners, fructose (found in fruits) and sorbitol are in there too. It also contains proteins. Strangely, all this makes sperm an exceptional nutritional supplement (but not one that can ever substitute a balanced diet, experts warn). It also contains a trace of cholesterol and sodium.

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Q: What does semen contain?
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Does semen contain vitamin k?


Does semen contain herpes simplex type 2?

No; it does not contain the herpes virus.

What is Fluid ejaculated from penis?

That would be semen, or seminal fluid. Semen may or may not contain spermatozoa.

Can someone that has not gone through puberty semen?

Yes before puberty you can produce semen. But this semen may not contain any fertile mature sperm.

Does semen contain prostaglandins?


Can you get pregnant by semen not sperm?

Semen generally contains sperm cells, and it is the sperm cells in the semen that cause pregnancy. However, if the man has had a successful vasectomy or had his testes removed, his semen will not contain sperm cells.

Is any part of a chicken egg semen?

No, a chicken egg itself does not contain semen. The rooster must fertilise the egg.

Do all black ink pen contain the same color?

no most of them contain semen you dick head

Is eating semen good for woman health?

Well semen does contain calcium and vitamin D, both of which are essential for health. So in a sense, yes, semen is good for your health.

Why are cell junctions important?

cause they are homosexual proteins that contain semen

What substances do cigarettes contain?

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Can a hand with semen wiped off still contain sperm?

I pie is delicious

Do bigger penises contain more semen?

No, a large penis is not correlated with a higher ejaculation volume. The size of the testicles also has nothing to do with semen amount.

What quantity of semen is required for conception to occur?

One small ounce of semen can contain several billion sperm and that's all it takes for a conception to occur.

What body fluids contain bloodborne pathogens?

Bloody saliva, semen, vaginal secretions

Can you get pregnant if you stroke it in like 10 times?

Yes. The pre-ejaculate does contain semen.

Does the Taurine in the energy drink Red bull contain Bull semen?

No. Taurine is a natural aminoethanesulfonic acid, and thus has nothing to do with bull semen, sperm or anything of that nature.

Does the liquid from a male contain sperm?

Yes, it is the liquid (semen) which carries the sperm inside the female.

Does sperm contain vitamin E?

Sperm itself doesn't, but the semen it lives in does, in small amounts.

Does monster energy drink have sperm in it?

Yes it does. It contain taurine which is basically bull semen, or parts of the semen. Although it can come from any other male cattle. So yes it does

Can clear sperm get a girl pregnant?

Yes. Even though the semen is clear, it can still contain sperm.

Does sperm have to be white to get a girl pregnant?

No, semen can be clear, cloudy, white or even yellowish and still contain viable sperm.

Is semen released only when ejaculation occurs?

No, there can be some "leaking" of semen even before ejaculation. The penis often produces lubrication, popularly called precum, particularly when erect. Although this is mainly clear seminal fluid (or semen) it can contain some sperm and it is possible for a girl to get pregnant from it if it is introduced into her vagina.

Do the HIV virus can stay in the semen or in blood only?

in my understandig the hiv virus lives only with in cell becous hiv virus is obligatory intracelular parasite so hiv may stay in the semen b/c of semen has contain small amount of blood but rather than blood hiv in the semen short life long b/c the muliplication may disteb