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What does severe mean in french?

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What does the word severe mean in french?

''Sévère'' in French would mean ''Severe'' or ''Harsh'' in English.

Does a severe storm warning mean that a severe storm might form?

No. That would be a severe thunderstorm watch. A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm ha already formed.

What does severe mean?

very bad

What does castigation mean?

severe criticism

What Mallory mean in French?

It does not mean anything in French.

What is the French explorers mean?

There is no such word in French. If you mean "explorer", it is French for "to explore". If you mean the English noun "explorers", the French translation is "explorateurs".

What does severo mean in spanish?

Translation: Severe

In french what does EO mean?

in French what does E O mean

What does Prada mean in French?

"Prada" does not mean anything in French.

What does dormi mean in french?

dormi mean 'slept' in French.

What does route mean in french?

route mean road in french

What does winter mean in french?

winter mean hiver in french

What does a car mean in french?

car mean voiture in french

Is a severe bad?

yes!! severe is really bad if tht is what u mean by the question it is sorta confusing

What does french colonial heritage mean?

what does French colonial heritage mean?

What does pon mean in french?

do you mean 'pont', which means 'bridge' in French?

What does sinsas mean in french?

Sinssa doesn't mean anything in French.

What does tisha mean in French?

Tisha doesn't mean anything in French.

What does bo mean in french?

'bo ' Doesn't mean anything in french.

What does the French word rester mean?

"Rester" in french mean "stay".

What does tale mean in french?

tale mean une histoire in French

What does vingt-sept mean in French?

It mean 27 in french

What does the french work etoile mean?

what does the french word etoile mean

In Amsterdam what does No french mean?

it could mean that nobody speaks French or alternatively that the visiting French are not welcome.

What does Tu es Francais mean?

'You are French'. If there is a question mark on the end, it would mean 'You are French?' or 'Are you French?'