What does sexual intercourse feel like?

For me, the most exquisite sensation of sexual intercourse is when the head first pushes past the lips into my vagina. At the very point of entrance, there is a resistance at first, and then a sensuous, stretched-out feeling as it slides in, though sometimes there's some pain, depending on the lubrication factor or the size of the penis. While it's going in, you can feel the head, but usually (in my case anyway) you can mostly only feel the shaft. If you've been waiting a long time for it (or have been teased for a long time), the first slide in feels like such a relief.

Every time his penis goes in, out, and back in again you can feel shudders all over your body, and it melds into one luscious, rhythmic feeling that you mostly feel at the very base of your stomach, right above the pubic bone. When you orgasm, you can feel yourself contract around him. As he gets close, you feel his penis swelling and hardening, and then twitching and pulsating as he ejaculates. I usually don't feel the semen shooting into me - just an increase in warmth and wetness. When I do feel it, the semen isn't hitting the vaginal walls, but the cervix.

If you really feel the need to ask then you will never find out.

The feeling can't be explain; it's different for everyone and every time it happens.

First time will be painful.

Then it will become better and better, especially if your boyfriend knows how to do good sex.