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Yes, my darling.

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Q: What does si mi querido mean?
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Related questions

What does 'Usted es mas querido para mi' mean?

Usted es mas querido para mi means You are more dear to me

What does como es usted mi querido mean?

As you, sir, are my lover. Did you mean: 'Como esta usted, mi querido?' (accents on first 'o' and 'a') = 'How are you, my beloved/love?'

When was Mi querido capitรกn created?

Mi querido capitán was created in 1950.

When was Mi querido sobrino created?

Mi querido sobrino was created in 1964.

What does hola mi querido te quiero tu perfil mean?

"hola mi querido te quiero tu perfil" means hello my dear I love your profile.

When was Mi Buenos Aires querido created?

Mi Buenos Aires querido was created in 1936.

What does querido mean in spanish?

Querido means, dear, however in Spanish we can use Querido in 2 different occasions as an example: To star a letter with Querido Adrian, Or as an expression of a feeling, liek love for someone you say.. Mi querido Adrian

When was Mi Buenos Aires querido - song - created?

Mi Buenos Aires querido - song - was created in 1934.

What does feliz cumpleaรฑos a mi querido amigo mean in Spanish?

Happy birthday to my dear friend.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mi querido sobrino - 1964?

The cast of Mi querido sobrino - 1964 includes: Luisa Blasco Silvia Montanari

What actors and actresses appeared in Mi querido doctor - 1981?

The cast of Mi querido doctor - 1981 includes: Miriam Celeste Marilyn Maciel

How do you say 'my dear one' in spanish?

Mi querido.

What does mi corazor hombre lindo y querido mean in Spanish?

my man hearty and giving If you mean 'Mi corazoN etc.' - 'My heart, wonderful man and beloved'.

What does Hola que tal mi querido amigo mean?

Translation: Hello, what's up, my dear friend?

How do you say my dear in spanish?

mi cariño/a mi querido/a

Mi querido capitan son in Spanish?

My darling captain. The "son" does not fit with the singular subject. If you want to say "My darling captain is...", then you would say "Mi querido capitan es...".

What has the author Consuelo Garrido written?

Consuelo Garrido has written: 'Mi querido Tom Mix' -- subject(s): Mi querido Tom Mix (Motion picture)

What actors and actresses appeared in Mi Buenos Aires querido - 1936?

The cast of Mi Buenos Aires querido - 1936 includes: Ada Cornaro Rodolfo Vismara Peter Warne

What is Si Mi Veda mean in English?

it is actually spelled 'si mi vida' and it means 'yes, my life.' as in trying to show affection.

Translate Mi Querido amigo into English?

my dear friend

How do you say my darling in spanish?

Literal translation is , "mi querido"

How do you call a man you love in spanish?

"Mi amante", or "querido".

What does Querido mean in German?

el querido - der Liebhaber or Liebling (honey) querido (adj.) - lieb

What does querido mean?

querido means darling, loved one(male).

How do you say hello my dear uncle in spanish?

Hola mi querido tio