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Why does Katy Perry try to look like zoey dechanel?

Katy doesn't try to look like Zoey; Zoey tries to look like Katy.

What did Katy perry look like when she was little?


What does Katy Perry look like in reallife?

Katy perry looks like any individual living on this earth she has the same features as everyone else.

What obstacle has Katy Perry faced?

Katy Perry has faced many. You should look them up. Like her heart being broken.

Does lucie Jones look like Kristen Stewart?

Yes she is it says Lucys look-alike is Katy Perry i think its more Kristen Stewart then Katy Perry

Do Katy Perry sing?

Yes, Katy Perry does sing, just look her up on Youtube.

Was Katy Perry in the film the happening?

No that's actress-singer Zooey Deschanel. Alot of people say they look alike.

Is Katy Perry an actress?

According to IMBD, Katy Perry is going to be in a movie called "Get Him to the Greek", to be released in 2010, but other than that she is mainly a singer. She is, however, often confused with the actress, Zooey Deschanel, as they look quite alike.

What are some types of lyric poetry?

Like, part of me by Katy Perry. You can look at it on Youtube.

How can you look like Katy Perry if you are ten?

get a random color wig and wear a bikini

Does Katy Perry look like Paula Deen?

That's only an opinion but In my case, a little bit.

Does Katy Perry have a Skype account?

Well, no one knows for sure if Katy Perry has a Skype account. The thing is if you look for Katy Perry in Skype, you'll find tons of people with same username. They claim to be Katy Perry. So no one knows if the person is real Katy Perry or not. Let's face it, there's a great change Katy Perry won't have Skype account because there will be so many people trying to chat/call/video call her.

Does Katy Perry play Debby on your babysitters a vampire?

No it may look like her because of the California girls video

Which all time low song is it when they're dressed up like Katy Perry?

Haha, they're dressed up like Katy Perry and other Pop Icons at the end of the video for their song "I Feel Like Dancin'" and i must say, all of them look extremely attractive as Katy Perrys, especially Alex :) <3

What episode of snl was kety perry on?

Try going to YouTube and look up..."Katy Perry on SNL".

Katy Perry look alike?

Zooey Deschanel and Emily Blunt

Are Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry related?

No, although they look alike, they are not related.

Does Katy Perry wear fake eyelashes?

Katy perry would go no where without her eyelashes. she use them to make her eyes shine out . so she can look pretty .and if you don't believe me go to WEAR WHAT SHE WORE and look for your self

Does Katy Perry have a real facebook?

Yes she does but it is not a private Facebook. Just look her up and you will find her. P.S you can't add her but you can like her!

Is Katy Perry fat?

Your joking right? Katy Perry is hot and if she was fat she wouldn't be hot so no she is not fat! use your eyes and look at her. shes thin not fat at all. Your Welcome.

Does Katy Perry have any dogs?

I don't know. She might look somewhere else

Are Katy Perryand Zooey deschanel related?

No. Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry look very alike but are two completely different people.

How do you meet Katy Perry?

Go to her concert. When The people left, try to look for her and ask her autograph.

What part does katy perry sing at for the song true love?

look it upon google you retard

What expression does Katy Perry show when she sings?

She has a mix of serious and trying hard look on her face.

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