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What does slang term hmu mean?


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2011-10-23 23:17:39
2011-10-23 23:17:39

hit me up...(which means call me or text me...or we need to get in touch)

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It means "Hit me up."HitMeUpHMU simply means "hit me up"

hmu usually means: Hit Me Up

"hmu" means "hit me up"

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It is slang for having sex.

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Hit me upexample: Josh how are u doing hmu

"It is not a slang term. She is a singer." (first answer)It is a drug term for crystal meth.

The Slang term BFF Means "Best Friends Forever"

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It's usually slang for marijuana.

smh means: Shaking my head, hmu means: Hit me up.

Its another term for the "perineum".

They are called slang terms because they ARE slang terms. Slang means a nickname or a word that doesn't mean what it seems to mean.

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it a slang term for cocaine.

hmu means hit me up and that means they want further cummunication with you

hmu means hit me up. Its like saying text me or lets talk.

Herb is one of many slang references to marijuana.

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