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What does snails eat?

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Different types of snails eat different things. Many snails eat algae or plant material. However there are a great number of predatory snails that eat fish, insects, and other animals. Most land snails eat plants, but snails that live in the ocean have a wide variety of diets.

2009-09-03 18:19:47
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How and what do snails eat?

snails eat veggies

Do seagulls eat snails?

no, seagulls do not eat snails.

What things eat snails?

There are many different species of snails and they all eat different things. Some snails eat garden plants and some snails, such as sea snails eat plankton and fish.

What do baler snails eat?

baler snails eat plants and veggies and small snails

Do apple snails eat small snails?

Apple Snails will eat other snails if you don't feed them. If you feed them, then they are alright.

Do Jews eat snails?

Jews who eat kosher will not eat snails since snails are not kosher. However, not all Jews eat according to the laws of kashrut, so some Jews do eat snails.

Do snails eat lettuce?

Yes, snails will eat lettuce.

What do mud snails eat?

mud snails eat algae

How do you eat snails?

You eat snails with your hands and very carefully.

Do snails eat mangos?

Snails will eat mangoes.

What animals eat snails?

Opossums definitely eat snails.

Do snails eat grass?

yes snails do eat grass, (or eat things in grass)

Do snails eat cardboard?

Yes snails do eat cardboard. They also eat paper.

Can snails eat pears?

Yes. Snails can eat about the same things that people eat.

Do snails eat humans?

Snails are herbivores, they only eat plants.

Do snails eat bread?

I did an experiment and I found out snails do eat bread

Do worms eat snails?

Worms do not eat live snails. They do eat decomposing remains of other animals, which could include snails. Things that do eat live snails include birds, snakes and occasionally, raccoons.

What do the eat in France snails or slugs?


What do snails get eaten by?

Birds eat snails.

Do snails eat chrysanthemums?

Snails do indeed eat chrysanthemums. But you can hand pick the snails off the flowers. Then drop the snails in a bucket of soapy water.

Do french people eat snails?

Yes! French people do eat snails

Do aboriginals eat snails?

no i eat snails and i am not aboriginal The above remark does not answer the question.

Do ducks eat snails?

I know its hard to believe, but, ducks do eat snails.

Where do snails eat?

Types of Snails Snails come in two main varieties. There are aquatic snails and land snails.

What do snails eat in Sweden?

Snails eat plants such as carrots and cucumbers, algae and fungi. Snails eat these things no matter where they live including Sweden.