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Soil is crushed stone from thousands of years ago.

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How are rocks changed into soil?

Rocks are changed into soil by breaking down into soil

Is soil with rocks in it a pure substance or a mixture?

Soil and rocks are a mixture. Neither the soil or the rocks are a pure mixture.

How are rocks change into soil?

rocks are chaged to soil by earths layering

How do minerals enter the soil by rocks?

The minerals get into the soil by erosion of the rocks.

How does rocks relate to earth science?

rocks are made p of soil and soil are made up of rocks which means they are cycles of rocks

What do rocks and soil have in common?

soil comes from rocks. that's all i know

How does erosion transport soil?

Soil is carried in the rocks during erosion and as rocks break the soil loosens and falls out.

How Is soil related to the weathering and erosion of rocks?

rocks get brocken down into soil from erosion

How was soil formed from rocks?

Soil is usually formed from the rock as a result of weathering of the rocks.

What does soils were once rocks mean?

soil was first rocks, which then later turned to soil by a factor that they were broken down to soil by rain.

What do rocks have that are so good for soil?

The minerals from the rocks

What kind of soil are there?

sand rocks and potting soil

How do soil form?

Soil form by weathering of rocks...:)

How are the rocks converted to the soil?

soil is nothing but the smallest form of rocks i.e stones... rock was crushed into soil for many of years by the nature...

What does 'soil was once rocks' mean?

Soil is composed of broken up rocks and minerals.

What weathering material leaves ridges of broken rock and soil?

Glaciers pick up rocks and soil as they move across land. When the glaciers melt, they deposit the rocks and soil. Today there are ridges of rocks and soil where glaciers once were.

How does the permeability of soil and rocks affect the flow of groundwater?

Permeability is when water can pass through different types of soil and rocks. Therefore the permeability affects the soil and rocks because if the soil or rock is PERMEABLE then the groundwater can easily flow through it :)

What does weathering cause?

weathering results in the disintegration of rocks on a large scale. then these rocks break-up and forms soil and the soil forms the soil profile.

Will there be soil if rocks do not weather?


Will a plant grow better if it has rocks on its soil or without?

Will a plant grow better if it has rocks around it or just with soil?

How do rocks become components of soil?

all the rocks decompose and break down into soil ar dirt or mud

How is soil produced?

erosion of rocksSoil is produced by the breaking up of rocks and materials that plants avoid growing in.

Is aquamarine found in soil?

yes it is found in rocks and soil

What is the connection between soil and the weathering and erosion of rocks?

Weathering/Erosion of rocks: When wind or water hits rocks and wears them off. Soil: dirt Answer: They have NO connection.

Why rocks form to soil?

Rock do NOT "form to soil". Rocks (At the surface) are eroded chemically and mechanically and the products of this erosion form soil (together with biological humus).