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What does soir nuit mean?

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Soir and nuit both mean ''night'.'

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How do you say the word evening in french?

soir or nuit

How do you spell tonight in french?

cette nuit - ce soir

Do the french spell bonne nuit or bon nuit?

It's bonne nuit because nuit is feminine. If you want to say it was a good night, you would use bonne nuit, but if you're saying good night to mean goodbye, you would say au revoir or bon soir.

What does soir mean in french?

"evening"; just like in English it is used during part of post-afternoon and before real late night (then "nuit").

What does soir mean?

'soir' (masc.) is evening in French.

Is Bon Soir or Bon Nuit used when you want to say Good night to somebody?

Bon soir is used to say have a good evening and BonneNuit is used to say good night. It's bonne instead of bon because the word night in french is considered feminine so you have to change the adjective accordingly.

What does soir mean in English?

soir (masuline noun) means 'evening' in English.

What does soir de lune mean?

Soir de Lune means Midnight Moon

What does le soir mean in French?

le soir (masc.) means the evening in French.

Je suis trรจs fatiguรฉ ce soir Bon nuit tout le monde?

I'm very tired this evening - goodnight everybody

How do you say i waited for you last night in french?

je t'ai attendu la nuit dernière, je t'ai attendu hier soir

What does la nuit mean?

'la nuit' (fem.) means 'the night' in French.

What does ce soir mean in English?

this evening

What does c'est soir mean?

Translation: It is evening.

What does Neuf heures ce soir mean?

neuf heures ce soir means 'nine o'clock this evening' in French.

What is the French translation for evening what is the French translation for night?

evening = 'la soirée' (fem.) or 'le soir' (masc.)night = 'la nuit' (fem.)

What does ce soir mean in the french language?

this evening

What does Nantes night mean?


What does Bonjour nuit mean?

Bonjour means 'hello' or 'good morning'. Nuit is translated 'night'.

What does ร  ce soir mon amour mean?

"à ce soir, mon amour" means "see you tonight, Love"

What does Je rentre de l'รฉcole le soir mean?

Je rentre de l'école le soir / ce soir = I'm coming home from school in the evenings / tonight

What does qu es tu alle dimanche soir mean?

Ou es-tu allé dimanche soir ? Where did you go on Sunday evening ?

What does bon soir in french mean?

It means 'good night'.

What does chu la ce soir mean?

The correct sentence is je suis là ce soir which means I'll be here tonightChu la ce soir is a way to write it as it (almost) sounds

What Does Mean Le Soir Mean In French From Ellie Furneux Pelham School?

The evening