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sone fish eat mud skippers and small fish that are caught in the mud that have been washed up.

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What do stone fish eat?

other fish

Do stone fish eat babies?


What fish will a shark never eat?

There are many fish that sharks would not eat. For example, jellyfish, lion fish and stone fish.

If you eat a stone fish will you get poisoned?


What fish eat the Damsel fish?

Most predatory fish like stone fish or lion fish eat damselfish. These fish are great replacements for feeder fish.

How does a stone fish care for its young?

Fish do not care for their young. Some even eat them.

Are stonefish eatable?

the stone fish can be eat and it is very delicious

What do stone fish dislike?

Stonefish dislike sharks they eat them

How did the stone fish kill people?

people tried to eat it but it was stone so they choked on it and died

Can you eat stone head fish?

you could it but there are risk that it get suck in your Thought and it wouldn't be good for you

How often a stone fish eats?

they eat anything that floats by their mouths at any time of the day

What is more deadly a stone fish or iro kanji?

stone fish

How did the stone fish evolve?

There is no stone fish what the hell is wrong with you " So. What's this?

What is Cyprinoid stone?

A Fish. A Fish.

Is a stone fish a mammal?

It is a fish.

What is the deadliest fish?

the stone fish is the deadliest fish

Do fish eat mosquitoes?

There are fish that do eat them, but not ALL fish eat them.

What do whales eat and what do fish eat?

Whales eat krill and other fish. Fish eat other fish, depending on what type of fish it is.

What is the life cycle of a Stone Fish?

the life cycle of a stone fish is it is a big loser

What part of a stone fish is poisonous?

The part of the stone fish that is poisonous is there dorsal fins.

What foods did the stone age men eat in the early age?

usually whatever they could find fish,rabbits

Are stone fish and rock fish the same fish?

yes, they are

What is the most deadly fish?

The stone fish

What is the most poisonest fish?

Stone fish.

Why do fish eat penguins?

fish dont eat peinguins peinguins eat fish and peinguins eat fish because thats what they like to eat

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