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What does taco really mean?

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If it's a pink taco, then it's vag. Otherwise it's a delicious, crunchy, meaty, cheesy, Mexican work of art. :)

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Is a taco really a taco?

it really depends you can call your hand a foot and the foot a hand but who cares its not a law that says you have to call a taco a taco

Is there dirt in a Taco Bell taco?

not unless someone really hates you there(;

Is taco a homogeneous?

haha well that depends on what you mean by a taco

Where is the magical land of the Taco Fairies?

The taco faries??? sorry to tell you but there are no taco faries. There are flower faries and the tooth fairy but no taco faries. If you really want to see a taco fairy, make a fairy out of a taco

What does yo tengo Taco Bell mean?

it means " i have taco bell" :)

Can you bake taco shells?

Yes, you must bake them to get them really crispy.

Is Taco Bell really good?

Super good.

What is the taco bread called?

If you mean the wrapper for a taco, it's called a tortilla (pronounced torteeya).

What does taco taco burrito burrito fajita mean?

It does not actually mean anything. A 'taco, burrito, and fajita' are all foods. It's like saying: Cheese, Cheese, Potatoe, Potatoe, Chicken. No meaning to it.

What is the opposite of tacos?

There really isn't an opposite to a taco. A taco is a Mexican food, and there are mostly never opposites to nouns. Though, you could say that the opposite of a taco could be a hot dog.

What does vienes de la taqueria mean in spanish?

Translation: You are coming from the taco shop. -OR- Are you coming from the taco shop?

What is taco fart?

A taco fart is something that makes you fart (really bad) from eating to mant tacos. The fart smells like tacos

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Does Taco Bell really use cat meat in their food?


How do you prepare a store-made taco or burrito flat bread for a burrito or taco?

They would eat taco dip until there potatoes came to life and became mean. POOPSTAINS

How many Taco Bells are there around the world?

are you really that hungry lol there are 5,845 Taco Bell restaurants in the United States. that's all i know

What is the song whose lyrics are Taco taco taco burrito Taco taco taco burrito Taco taco taco burrito Burrito burrito burrito?

Dave Brubeck - Blue Rondo a la Turk

What does Paesco mean?

It is a type of taco, people from Iceland enjoy.

Where are the best tacos in the world?

It is really your choice where you think the best tacos are like some like taco bell or some people make their own taco.

What is is Taco Bells mission statement?

To make every one really FAT.

Why is your mouth sometimes burened when you bite into something that was cool enough for you to pick up in your hands?

Say you have a taco. When you first get the taco, it's really hot when you touch it, but when you touch it later it's cool. But just because the outside is cool, does not mean the inside is cool. PS. Duh.

Will you get sick from eating a moldy taco?

Yes, this can happen. Indeed it can. And look at it tthis way: On the one hand you get Really sick. On the other you get a moldy taco? When in doubt throw it out! :}

Eminem song saying he is blowing up Taco Bell?

Possibly Murder Murder, By Eminem... That's Really the only song that even mentions Taco Bell

Can a taco wear a hat on Thursday?

No, tacos are restricted to hat wearing on Tuesday. You have heard of Taco Tuesday? It is really the only day that they are allowed to cut loose like that.

What happend to the Taco Bell Chihuahua?

Taco Bell did not own nor did they create the Yo Quiro dog. Another Mexican restaurant invented the dog and sued Taco Bell over it.A: Actually a couple of guys who worked with Taco Bell created it. Taco Bell negleted to pay them for it. They sued, they won. Taco Bell couldn't use the dog anymore. Does anyone research...really?!Gidget the Taco Bell mascot died on July 22, 2009...she was 15 years old.

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