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its a popular expresion for: "let me tell you"

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What does ya te cuento espera mean in spanish?

ya te cuento=I'm telling you!I'm going to tell you!I'm telling you soon! Espera=wait!

What does no te mean in English?

what does no te mean in English

What does el cuento mean in English?

The story - (most common) The count (as in an inventory)

What does te mean in English?

te means to in English =D

What does cuento mean in spanish?

In spanish, cuento means a story, or a tale.

What does te mateo mean?

Te mateo in English is kill you.

What does te emo mean in English?

i think you mean te amo which is spanish for i love you

What is El cuento que te conte de la chica y sus patos es verdadero in English?

"The story that I told you about that girl and her ducks is real."

What does Te Quiere mean in English?

It mean he/she loves you

What does Te dijo te amo mean in English?

Te dijo te amo- I said/told you I love you

What are the particles in gold?

a mi tambien me da la gana bueno te cuento mivida....

What does Como te siente mean in English?

Como te sientes = How do you feel

Te ama mean in English?

He/she loves you. I love you would be "te amo".

What does a qué te dedicas mean in English?

"¿A qué te dedicas?" means "What do you do for a living?"

What does Te quiero decir mean in English?

Te quiero decir = I want to tell you.

What does no te preocupes mean?

No te preocupes in Spanish means Don't worry in English.

What does te quiero comer mean in english?

Te quiero comer = I want you to eat.

What does Te Wharenui mean in maori?

Te Wharenui means The meeting house in English.

What does Te beo manana mean in English?

Te veo mañana = I see you tomorrow

What does yo te quero mean in English?

its yo te quiero: it means i like you

What does te amamos y te extrañamos mean in english?

Te amamos y te extrañamos means, "We love you and we miss you".

What is te ano in English?

Did you mean 'te amo'? Because año means year. te amo means I love you

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