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: he wants to meet you.

: he is sexually interested.

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Well, if it flies on the side of your head, turns to you, then stares at you means you will die, but I don't know what happens if it just stares at you.

It may mean he likes you and when you look at him he gets shy and turns around.

It probably means that he likes you or is thinking about what he thinks about you.

When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

It means that it turns around itself.It means that it turns around itself.It means that it turns around itself.It means that it turns around itself.

They like you or there just starring at they guy behind you. Or she was day dreaming about you, or just day dreaming/ having a staring moment...

If you catch a guy staring at you, it usually means that he likes you and thinks you're cute. Especially if when you look back at him and make eye contact, and he just quickly turns away.

what does she do when she is around u? has she seen u staring at her? if so then if she smiles or stares back, or even just turns quickley it probably means she likes u. *boytroublemaker14*

You should have excused yourself in front of this girl and her friend before you interrupted their conversation. She did stop and turn around to hear what you had to say, but either you couldn't get the words out or you took too long to speak to her. Try again and this time talk to her when she is alone.

the earth is turns around the sun and the moon is turns around of the earth

The imaginary line around which the earth turns is its axis.

I think he likes you if he stares at you when your not looking and when you turn he just turns back but i think your too young to date just hang around with him and have fun and ask your friends to join in too so you dont leave them out hope this helps you

No, he is just playing a game. The only way he is just "playing a game" is if he knows you like him and is a big jerk. More probably, he could like you as well and is really shy.

Answer 1No but if she stares at u and u look at her and she turns her head away she likes u but if she still stares at u and smiles when u look she defently likes you hope this helped uAnswer 2No, but if you seems to be frequently catching your eye or looking at you happily, this is a sign that she might like you.

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