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nothing! they maybe know that the guy you like likes you back!

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Q: What does that mean if the guy you like's friends know about you and look at you when they see you?
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What does it mean when he tell his friends Did You Know She Likes Me?

he likes you he is just shock that you like him

What does it mean when a boy likes you and know his brothers know you and friends know you?

He likes you that is what is important. it doesn't matter who else knows you.

How do you know if your friends girlfriend likes you?

She be eithe rflirty or possibly a bit mean

What does it mean when your crushes friends say that you look good together?

if it is your crushes friends telling you that and they know that you like him then a lot of the time he is trying to get them to hint to you that he likes you Hope all goes well!

My friends and i went skiing recently and we hung out with this guy who my friends think likes me because he's mean to all of them and less mean to me i want to know for sure if he likes me help?

ask him!

What does it mean when a boy is with his friends and he stares into your eyes and look down?

he likes you. but if he looks you up and down he likes your FULL appearance if you know what I'm saying. hi another person yeah yeah i got it i mean i know what you are saying ok peace:O (p.s ew)

What does it mean if a boy walks you home?

He likes you a lot and wants to get to know you better. if you like him and he likes you become friends BEFORE dating!!!!!!!

What does it mean when a boy touch a girl hand?

It means that the boy likes you and if he does it in front of friends then he really likes you but if he does it behind his friends back he doesn't want his friends to know that he likes you. take it from me i'm a girl and the behind the back thing has happened to me.

What does it mean when a boy likes you and now his brothers know you and his friends know you?

that he probally really likes you and has went around telling people that your the one he likes and showed then who yu are that all nothing big=)

What does it mean when a boy is talking to their friend and when you look they say that you look like someone they know?

Means he likes you.

What if a guy is being really mean in school but than txts you until 3 am does this mean he likes me?

Im not sure, maybe he does like you but his friends dont so at school hes mean to you because he doesnt want his friends to know that he likes you.

What does it mean when a guys friends look at you?

It depends if they look at you and smile it might mean he likes you. If he looks and then sees you look then looks away might mean he might have a crush on you. REMEMBER! If a boy is mean to you it means he fancies you!

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