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That probably means he likes you. I would ask my friends to ask his friends who he likes to verify. I hope he likes you! (:

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What if you know the girl likes you but wont ask you out and your shy?

Observe her behaviour. Is she turning away when she catches u looking at her? Is she blushing when u smile at her n smile back? Is she changing her action 2 more 'lady-like' when she knows u r near? Say hello to her, smile or laugh at her jokes, don't be afraid 2 show d truth.

What are ways guys flirt when they do not know you?

They will gaze at you, wink, help you or just simply flirt.they will look at you, smile, then look away. or they will purposly stay away from you and see if you stare at them, or try to be near them

What are signs that a coworker is interested in you?

A sign that a coworker is interested in you is that they always smile at you. If they make excuses to be near you, it can also mean they are interested.

Why do girls go near you if you smile?

because they think u have given them the hint that u like them!! its sort of a signal sayin "Hey, I like u!!"

What does it mean when a man places his foot near your foot please no mean answers?

If he puts his foot next to yours it means he like you, especially if he keeps it there and doesn't try and move it away from yours.

If they guy who likes you do not want you to sit near him what does that mean?

He doesn't like you. if guys like you, they would want to be close to you, and even make physical contact with you, which means he wants to touch you. if a guy wants to sit near you, he likes you. If not, he thinks you like him and wants to stay away from you or because he just doesn't like you.

How do you tell if your crush really likes you?

If they stare at you, body language, if the smile at you, if they like being near you or in a group with you. You'll know it if you see it. Also if they like hanging out with you and talking to you.

How do you get a boy in primary school to ask you out?

During class or lunch when he isn't to near try to make eye contact then smile and turn away to carry on chatting. later that day walk over with a pretty smile and start joking with him. hope this is useful hayley x

What does Near Water mean?

it means that you are at least 10,000 miles away from any body of water, or you are near land or any piece of area

What does it mean when a bird hits your head?

If you are near a nest they are trying to scare you away. Mockingbirds do this a lot.

How can you tell if a boy likes u?

If a boy likes what he sees he will stare at you, shyly look away when you see him staring and smile around you.And he will try to get near u without other people knowing.

What does the medical term peripheral mean?

It means away from the centre. Peripheral nerves are nerves that are near to the outside of the body.

If you have some contact with a guy and he does not move away does he like you?

It doesn't mean he likes you, but he may enjoy being near you and talking to you. You might have a good connection with him. He may also just be enjoying his emotional desires.

Where do mermaids swim?

Water. I mean I think its near like islands and stuff.

If a guy is trying to be near you and is always flirting with you do they like you?

problaly....... try flirting back by holing hands and see what happens. if he likes it then he wont let go and he likes you.. then smile at him if you like hmi tooo...O.o

What does it mean when a boy thinks about you everyday?

this may mean that you are at the center or near the center of his heart and that he may possibly like you.

How do you talk to that girl without annoying her?

Say hi .. if the girl takes time to reply just go away near your group of friends if the girl says hi back again with a genuine smile carry on the conversation !

What plant is near the earth?

'Plant' does not mean anything, if you mean 'planet' then it would have to be Venus since it would be 38 million km away from us at the closest. Mars is about 54.6 million km away from us at its closest as well.

You might have feelings for your best guy friend what do you do?

DO NOT PRETEND TO HATE HIM!!!!! Start giving him SMALL hints, like smile at him alot, and act really charming near him, DON"T CREEP HIM OUT!!!!

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