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The guy is interested, but he wants you to make the first move.

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No! (but if you are standing close to it, sometimes the smell can make you react)

the look away when a guy catches them because they dont want the guy to know that they eye-ballin them.

apologize really quickly before she slaps you!

If the wardon catches you, your looking at a fine.

A quick glance is when someone shifts their eyes in a nano second to either see a person or object moving or something that catches their eye and then reverts their eyes looking the forward or to the other side.

not always somtimes their smell or attitude catches them 7;3

yeah, of course it is, if you know how to Google something correctly. sometimes it can be a pain though if you can't find what you're looking for.

it sneaks up on its prey in grass (dead grass) then the color of it camoflages it in the grass then when its ready and the prey not looking/BOOM it catches the prey and it catches the prey evening and night

I can't answer that, but I would love to know too!

Maybe. If he says you are ugly or something, he really think you are pretty@

This is a worthless website!! It always prolongs my search time, I do my best at not selecting this site but somehow I do. Please remove your links, I looking for answers, I am not trying to provide informtion.

very little but sometimes if you keep looking you find something good . there is a lot of babysitting jobs though

Ass-uming her blushes have something to do with you, she may have been looking at your posterior. Or just watching you and fantasizing.

There are a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want something, or have left something in their past life. They might be looking for something. Also they could be avenging there death, or, if bad spirits, simply haunting us to scare us. Some may want to show us something.

act normal and tell her u were staring because you thought she was pretty or somethimg

Sometimes we are looking for something 10 or 100 feet away and it is right at our feet and don't see it, hence, 'right "under your nose"'.Something that is under someone's nose is something that the person is seeking that is right in front of him/her.

All boys have wondering eyes sometimes , relax it's just looking . Now if he starts talking to the girls or waving then you might have a problem but as far as looking goes i wouldn't worry just say something to him about how it bothers you .

If you're talking about a battery... The + is positive, sometimes red, and connects to something with power such as your alternator. The - is negative, sometimes black, and connects to the ground such as the block or chassis.

your dog isn't looking for anything. there are sooo many smells on the ground and on things. dogs love to smell new scents. thats all and sometimes they are looking for something. the may be tracking a scent of a treat or food or even an animal. you never know....... -marcy

ignore him and try to talk to everyone except him make sure he never catches you looking at him

Here is an example of what is "Looking forward to something"; : to anticipate something with pleasure. I'm really looking forward to your visit next week. We all look forward to your new book on gardening.

Depends, sometimes you can find what your looking for and other times its impossible to find what your looking for.

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