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What does that red and blue bar mean on Soul Calibur 3 in Create a Soul?


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The balance of good and evil the person has


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It means your soul gauge is at it's maximum. that's a good thing, then you can use skills and block quite some attacks.

B is verrtical attack and K is kick. press both at same time

Please help me im stuck on the game and also is there any cheats for the game to unlcok the things in create a cjaracter?

I assume you mean the colossus you fight in the event modes of SCIII. no, but we can only dream. that would be such a fun (though highly unfair) playable character.

It might indicate a water route. Can you be more specific?

it mean that it is soul but it is stirring in joys

as online if u mean with other people around the world than no but if u mean play the game on ur computer than yes. but only if u own the game and use an emulator and get the ROM (don't do it) cause than it is illegal :O

My one and only soul or Soul of my soul?

you mean 'soul', like spirit?it's not even living so it has no soul

Go to the 8th which is Blue, hes in viridian city.. but if you mean in the jhoto region than you have to go to mahagony town i believe.

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I think it means the connection between love and the soul.

the name soul means comical,brave,and courages.

You either mean something I don't know about, or you have Pokemon Soul Silver you are cool.

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This means, "and you are my soul".

Soul Clap is an American DJ and production duo from Boston, Massachusetts.

The quote implies that without freedom the soul will die.

I think you mean Hey, Soul Sister, which was written by Train.

Psyche was a Greek goddess who personified the soul.

what is mind, body soul mean in arabic language

It means that you are a good person. To have a deep Soul means that you care a lot for others. You are a good person if you have a deep soul.

A girl with mind and soul

It depends on what you mean. Like if you mean create her on Wii, Sims, etc.

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