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What does the 'check engine' light mean on a 1994 Saturn SC2?

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September 20, 2004 8:51PM

You have a sensor or something wrong in your engine peformance. You need to use a scan tool to scan your PCM or you can use a paper clip to retrieve trouble codes for your car. You have ALDL on 1994 saturns. Assembly line Diagnostic link. Under your dash about where your left knee is when your driving is your ALDL. just take a paper clip and jump the B lead with the A lead. then turn your key to the on position.(don't start just turn key on)your service engine soon light should start to blink the trouble codes stored on your PCM. invest in a manual for your car it will explain how to read and understand the codes. The codes will help pinpoint the problem you are having. The internet has alot of information on this topic too.