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What does the 57 mean in Heinz 57 sauce?

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2020-05-25 03:05:08

It's from an old slogan, it means 57 varieties! Although, even at the time there were more than that. There were 60 at the time, but the leader thought 57 sounded more lucky

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2020-05-11 15:23:27


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2009-07-08 19:39:38

It is a slogan that goes back, I think, to the earliest days of

Heinz. In full, it is "57 Varieties". Whether or not there actually

were 57 varieties, I don't know. Also, I'm not sure what they were

varieties of. The "57" represents the other 57 varieties of

products that Heinz offers(ed), like pickles, mustard, BBQ Sauce,


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2020-05-13 18:52:10

pickles dum dum

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