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It means that it is gold electroplated silver. The 925 means purest silver. The piece is not gold, it is silver.

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What does star gold 925 mean stamped on necklace and is it real gold or silver?

Star Gold "could" be the brand! 925 used mostly on silver items!

What is the color of Ghana?

Red, gold, green plus black star (in the middle of the gold)

What color represents honor?

gold reprsents the vietnamese honor , their flag was that majority color an dthen it was adapted to just have the gold star

Where can you buy the star neck less that Rachel got from Finn?

You can purchase a similar gold star necklace at Forever21 for $1.50! See related links below:

Where offline can a Star of David necklace be purchased?

A Star of David Necklace, is a very popular piece of jewellery and is very often sought after. The Star of David Necklace can be found at a local jewellery store.

What does the star of David from Number the Stars by Lois Lowry mean?

The star of David represents the Jews. Ellen wears a necklace with the star of David on it for her beliefs. (she's a Jew)

What does 1321 mean on your star of david coin necklace?

All Cops Are Bastards>ACAB>1321

What is a sentence for the word necklace?

Her own necklace had the same symbols surrounding five star.

What does 10k and a star stamped on a ring mean?

The 10k means 10 parts gold with other metals. It is not pure gold. The star is the company icon.

What does a pink 5 point star tattoo mean?

it is a star (with five points) and it is the color pink

What is Vietnam flag's background color?

The flag of Vietnam has a red background and has a gold star in the middle.

What do blue and gold star tattoos mean?

That the person who gets it likes stars and the colors blue and gold...

Does the gold star at the bottom mean that the card is a fake?

I am pretty sure the star means it is rare or uncommon.

What was Ellen's necklace in Number the Stars?

In Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, Ellen's necklace is a Star of David.

The color of a star is an indicate of the star?

the color of the star indicates how hot the star is

What do the colors on the Cameroon flag mean?

Blood,forest and gold star=unity

Where is Kerry katonas moon and star necklace from?

her necklace is from a jewelry business called dolly dimples, you will find the website on google

How do you get the star necklace on club penguin?

you go to the giftshop in the town. then you go the catalog. if its the right month/year then you will find the star necklace somewhere. it costs 280 coins [was last time]

What does CS and FS with a star in between mean on a gold ring mean?

it is the makers mark. I think it is saunders and shepard.

What color indicates if a star is hot?

Blue is the hottest color for a star. The coolest star color is red. Welcome! 

Where can you get moon and star necklace Michaela Conlin wore on bones episode?

http://www.melindamariajewelry.com/catalog2/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=13&products_id=483 www.melindamariajewlery.com It is called baby moon and star necklace

What are the marks xoo and an outline of a star mean on jewelry?

9k 9 Karat Gold usually sold in the UK10k10 Karat Gold

What color of a star indicate about it?

The color of the star Indicates its Temperature.

Are stars as hot as the sun?

it depends on the color of the starthe hottest star is color blueand the coldest star is color red

What color does Sulu wear?

Sulu wears a yellow/gold uniform throughout most of Star Trek, including both the older series and the new rebooted Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

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