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==new answer== I' m not sure, but I do know from some readings on that period that there were those who were quite spiritually advanced. So I reason that since they left many pictures and pictures are the basis of language of mind, they could have been using that language. In language of mind, the feet represent the spiritual base, what one stands on. If this is correct, they could have been encouraging each other to do what today would be " seek first the kingdom of heaven", showing the awareness that everything else is built upon this correct intention, productive things that is. Someday.

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Can the soles of your feet bruise?

Yes, the soles of the feet can bruise.

What are sores on soles of feet?

Athlete's foot is one sore on soles of the foot.

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Yes, the bottom of your feet, which is called the soles, has about 2000 pores. This is why your feet are able to sweat. However, soles do not have sebaceous glands.

C.Do the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands have hair follicles?

No, the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands typically do not have hair follicles.

What is the biggest Ancient Egyptian boat?

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Simple...wash your feet

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The rabbits have hair on their soles to give them warmth. The hair is also to prevent the inner tissues of the soles from damage.

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It has hair on soles of its feet.

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There are differing opinions about the soles of people's feet. In some cultures, it is disrespectful to show the bottom of one's foot to another person.

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On the anatomical position the soles of the feet are the most?


Can airport body scanners see the soles of your feet?


What are some conditions that cause a burning sensation in the soles of your feet?

A burning sensation in the soles of your feet can be caused by many conditions. Neuropathy, Diabetes, Athlete's Foot, and Peripheral Neuropathy are some of the possible conditions that can cause burning in the soles of a person's feet.

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thick fur on the soles of their feet, which insulate against the hot sand of the desert. This extra fur on the soles of their feet also affords them excellent traction in the loose sand.

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Wikki Feet ,The MousePad. Celebrity feet and Soles. Just Google Celebrity feet.

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In the palms of hands and soles of feet.

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