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What does the Ancient Mew Pokemon card say?


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Here is what it exactly says on the card:

The writing on the top left says: MewThe thing on the top right that looks like HC means HP and the triangle next to it means 30, so it has 300HP.

Under the picture where it has the writing says: 2 Psychic Energy required to do the Psyche move that will do 400 damage.

It's retreat cost is 2 colourless energy and it's type is Psychic.

Where the line is after where it says the attack, it says:

New Species

Little God or Evil?

it doesn't have any resistant thing

Surrounding the central picture of Mew are four symbols (from top, clockwise): Birth, Enthronement, Right of Succession and Death.

On the back it shows 7 coloured circles of energy surrounding the Pokeball