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What does the Australian slang term dag mean?

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According to the Urban Dictionary:

A dag is technically the matted wool on a sheep's tail, but in typical useage throughout Australia, it refers to people who don't have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance. It can also refer to a person who tends to be quite informal.

It is not necessarily a derogatory term in modern useage, but may have negative connotations - ie " He's a real dag!" or as an adjective - " His clothes are daggy." Often it is used in relation to someone unfashionable.

The term "dag" is also a type of compliment as used between mates, both male and female. For example, "you dag" means you're a good friend, and I know you don't mind me having a bit of fun with you, and putting you down in a way that I don't really mean.

A real dag is the matted sheep droppings and dirt mixed with the wool on the sheep's backside. To clean the dags out of the wool means to clean the matted wool of droppings. It's also any long, dangling, matted part of the wool. Dag may even refer to the long, matted, untidy and dirty parts of another animal's coat, e.g. dags on a long-haired dog, especially the parts that hang down close to the ground and get dirty, or dags in a neglected horse's tail, etc.

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What does dag mean in Australian?

A dag in Australian colloquialism: an odd, eccentric or amusing person - daggish, adj. 1. an untidy, slovenly person. 2. a person who, while neat in appearance and conservative in manners, lacks style or panache.

What does dag mean in metric measurement?

dag= dekagram :)

What does dag in Swedish mean?

"Dag" means day in Swedish.

What does dag mean in science?

dag means decagram or 10 grams.

What does dag mean in math?

dag is an abbreviation for decagram which is 10 grams.

What does dag mean in measurements?

It is the unit of mass. dag means decagram in measurements. 1 dag=10 gm.

What are oil dag and aqua dag?

Never heard of aqua dag, however oil dag was a common term in the 60s for a heavy dark oil used to lubricate electro-mechanical equipment in Strowger telephone exchanges.

What does dag mean in dutch?

'Dag' can have two meanings. One meaing is 'day', the other is '(good)bye'.

What does dag mean in a metric system?

It is a decagram.

What does dag mean in the metric system?

dag is: * the da prefix (which is deca-); to * the unit g (which is gram); meaning dag is decagrams deca- prefix means 10, thus 1 dag = 10 g

What does the expression dag mean?

Its African language. Its African for hello.

What does 'Ik wens je een prettige dag' mean?

Ik wens je een prettige dag = have a nice day

What is the Dutch 'Dag' in English?

Day is the English equivalent of 'Dag'.

What is 45 hg equals to dag?

1 hg = 10 dag so 45 hg = 10*45 = 450 dag.1 hg = 10 dag so 45 hg = 10*45 = 450 dag.1 hg = 10 dag so 45 hg = 10*45 = 450 dag.1 hg = 10 dag so 45 hg = 10*45 = 450 dag.

Does 4.5 g equal 45 dag?

No, 4.5g does not equal to 45 dag. 4.5g equals to .45 dag.

Wishing friends good day in Norwegian?

God dag! or God dag a dag! (Good day today!)

Which is larger 15 hectograms or 1.5 dekagrams?

15 hectograms are larger then 1.5 decagrams. 1 hg = 10 dag ⇒ 15 hg = 15 x 10 dag = 150 dag 150 dag > 1.5 dag ⇒ 15 hg > 1.5 dag

What does the abbreviation of dag mean?

It could be dekagram, although there are more than 30 alternatives.

How much g is 1 dag?

1g= how much dag

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When was Dag Achatz born?

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When was Dag Tjøstheim born?

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