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What does the BASESP dash light mean on a Mercedes ML320?


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It means it has an error, it can be several things. Hopefully it is just a sensor error which is cheap to fix vs a new computer system which can run $2k plus. Best bet is to replace the brake position sensor first and if that does not fix the problem then you have to go to the dealer and have them diagnose the car for you, most dealers will do that for free and if it seems like an easy problem that you can fix just buy the parts and make it an afternoon DIY.

After replacing the break switch if problem continues to exist then replace the relay that can be found under the hood inside the fuse box. look for (esp/bas or I guess #38).


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wat does ETS dash light mean on a mercedes ml 320

it means the esp ets is in use so change driving style

Try to adjust intensity of the dash light by using the knob beside the Speedometer on the left side.

it means the 4x4 low range button has been pushed so find it and peress it its gune be ok

Under dash, behind glovebox. glovebox interior has to be removed to access filter.

That is the dash light dimmer control switch.. Rheostat = Dimmer. Bright to dim.

move the light knob counterclockwise and clockwise fastly

2 are the instrument light dimmer buttons and the other is 2 reset the service light

turn the little black knob to the right of the brake light on your dash clockwise

It is the odometer trip reset(dual functioning),just rotate it to control the dash light brightness.{ I could not find it in my original owners manual either}

Where and how do you change the fuse for the dash bord lighting sytem in the 1993 190e 2.3l

The amp is under the drivers dash, below instrument cluster, behind panel.

By taking it to a mechanic. Let them deal with pulling the dash apart and if anything breaks, it's on them.

what do all the dash board warning lights mean on a1989 mercedes benz

where is dash light fuses in caprice1996

turn the same dash knob used to set trip odometer, only don't push it in.

Either a leaking heater core or a plugged A/C evaporater drain. You can smell the fluid to determine what it is. A/C condensation smells like water/moldy water, coolant doesn't smell like water.

I think it might be the switch for the rear dome light. I cant really remember but I think that is what its for. Hope this helped. It is!

The dial for the dash lights is very sensitive,you have to keep turning the. Dial up and down get the light to go on.when if does go on the light is very week.

I do not understand the question. Do want to know if the dash light should come on? Or should not come on? Which dash light are you talking about?

The dash light fuse gets its power from the tail light fuse. If the tail light fuse blows, you won't have any dash lights either.

Search one of the Mercedes owners and enthusiast forums e.g. <>

I used to get the same light frequently. What I do is, make the wheels in straight position, stop the car, stop the engine, remove the key and then start the engines again. this is it.

No the dash lights should be with your parking lights.comment2: They are on separate circuits. Power usually goes from the "taillight fuse" to a small 5 amp dash light fuse and then to the dash dimmer wheel or knob. Then it feeds the dash lights. A blown tail light fuse makes the dash lights go out also. A blown dash fuse only affects the dash lights.

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