What does the BIOS do to indicate if there is a problem with your computer?

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How do you break the bios password and where is bios password saved in the computer?

If it's a desktop PC, erasing the cmos memory will usually clear it. Turn the power off, remove the cover. There should be a battery, these days they use a large silver disc watch battery type. Near it should be three pins with a linker on two of them. Move it to the other side, so the middle pin ( Full Answer )

What is Bios in relation to computers?

BIOS . BIOS in computing , stands for Basic Input/Output System. BIOS refers to the firmware code run by an IBM compatible PC when first powered on. The primary function of the BIOS is to prepare the machine so other software programs stored on various media (such as hard drives , flopp ( Full Answer )

What is a Bio mechanical computer?

Something that exists only in sci-fi stories. It would be a type of computer built from biological (probably neurological) components, not electronic components.

What does a computer BIOS do?

allows your PC to boot and controls settings for essential PC functions on a hardware level.

How can you reset the BIOS password and unlock a computer?

This information is intended for experienced users. It is not intended for basic users, hackers, or computer thieves. Please do not try any of following procedures if you are not familiar with computer hardware. I take no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information, including personal ( Full Answer )

What does the term BIOS mean in reference to a computer?

Basic Input / Output System It is the hardwired (burned onto EPROM) software that conducts the power-on self test, checks the hardware configuration and starts the boot sequence (loads boot sector of the hard drive and executes it (usually)).

What does BIOS stand for in computer terms?

\n. \nBasic Input/Output System, which is the start up system that tells your computer which hard drive to boot from, which language to use...etc.

If the CPU is the brain of the computer what is the bios?

You might say it is the instinct of the computer. Just like a newborn baby knows how to do a few basic things, like see, hear, breath, cry, etc., the computer only knows how to do a few basic things until the OS loads. The BIOS can accept input from the keyboard, read the OS from the hard drive, ( Full Answer )

What is BIOS in computer?

BIOS is a program that starts when you turn on your computer. It checks all of your hardware, hard drive, CD ROM, cards, etc. to ensure they all have power and are working. It has several different categories, you can see your BIOS by paying attention to the screen when it first starts up. When you ( Full Answer )

How do you format computer BIOS?

We can't format bios.it is permanent program.we can flash the bios by upgrading bios update....By ---Rajesh Arthimalla.

Where is the location of a bIOs on a computer?

BIOS is located near the IDE port which is used to connect power cable to monitor , there are two jumpers settings near this port which are called BIOS and this are used for the setting for the motherboard. These are black in color.

How do you get to the BIOS menu on your computer?

The button used for this can vary from computer to computer. Most commonly you will need to press DEL F2 or F10 during startup. The system may only give you a brief second to hit the prescribed key, so press it like mad right when you power on the machine and keep pressing it over and over until ( Full Answer )

How do you dump your computer BIOS?

There are a few methods for doing this: Uniflash Uniflash is a free program that supports dumping the BIOSs from most motherboards and even some graphics cards. You will need to be able to boot from a floppy disk or a bootable USB flash drive (it runs on MS-DOS). Flashrom Flashrom is a Linux p ( Full Answer )

How does a computer BIOS find the MBR?

A computer's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the heart of most modern personal computers. It is the part of the system that executes when a computer is first turned on, before any other programs or software are run. It ensures that the computer is set up correctly and is able to run properly, at ( Full Answer )

How can you tell what BIOS your computer has?

The AMI or Award BIOS id appears at the bottom of your screen after power on, during memory count up. The PAUSE key should work at that point, allowing you to write down the BIOS number, the BIOS date, and the version. You must copy it exactly .. Another (easier) way to get the Award/AMI BIOS ID ( Full Answer )

What is Bios environment in computer?

The BIOS environment in a computer (PCs only, not Macs) is a set of screens accessible only during the first part of the booting process. One usually presses a key, such as delete or f2 to get to the BIOS screen. The BIOS screens allow the user to change settings about the hardware of a computer. Th ( Full Answer )

How do I find out what BIOS is installed in my computer?

When you FIRST power on your computer, you should see a flash logo or a flash screen that lists your brand of BIOS. You may be able to push DEL or F12 on initial boot to access the BIOS settings.

If you have forgotten the BIOS password for your computer?

Do this carefully, and before touching anything inside your computer case, touch the metal outside of the case to discharge any static that might have built up. Look inside for the cmos battery, and there should be a jumper in the general proximity. Some motherboards you just need to pull it off and ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of bios in a computer?

In very old computer systems, those using DOS, the BIOS was the interface between the operating system and the hardware. But in modern systems the BIOS is of much less importance, being used only during the early stages of the boot process. While the computer is in operation the device drivers take ( Full Answer )

How can you repair a damaged bios on my computer?

You can probably download the bios for the motherboard, video card, etc. that has been damaged. Usually the downloaded file will be able to install the bios itself.

Computer will only start in Bios?

All computers have to start from from something. If it makes more sense to call that something a Basic Input Output System or BIOS then no problem

How do you access bios on your computer?

during the boot process depending on the motherboard you can press the delete key or the f2 key you only need to press it once but if pressing it multiple times makes you feel better you can do that too. if your operating system begins to load you didn't press the key early enough

How can you change your xbox360 live bio on the computer?

Go to the Xbox website and sign in. Then go to profile settings. Next, at the bottom it will say bio so type what you want then click to save. If your parents set up your Xbox they might have turned on parent settings so that you can't have a bio. If that happens go to your friends house who has a x ( Full Answer )

How do you change the bios on a computer?

Turn your computer off, and then back on. You should see the manufacturer name and logo, and two prompts, on to press F2, this will take you to the BIOS settings, though you must hold it until you're in that menu. The other, just so you know is to hold F11, and this will take your computer to recove ( Full Answer )

Is it possible boot a computer without BIOS?

Its isn't possible as when your computer starts up, the processor resets and looks for the BIOS. The BIOS is programmed to look for the bootloader at memory address 0000:7C00 the processor itself cannot do anything if it does not find any software to execute. the BIOS is the software that firs ( Full Answer )

Can a virus infect the BIOS of a computer?

yes - If the BIOS of your computer is infected then, since it is hard-coded (firmware) on a chip, you could have irreparable damage. Also most anti-virus programs work within your operating system (Windows or MacO/S) so they don't detect BIOS infections. The only way to repair your BIOS is, if it ca ( Full Answer )

Why are Macro-invertebrate considered bio-indicators?

Depending on how well they are living, they indicate the environment's quality and balance of nutrients. If they are dying, you can suspect things such as low levels of dissolved oxygen or some sort of other abnormalities.

How do you update driver and bios on your computer?

Your computer's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the first software your PC loads. It sets the stage for your operating system, so to speak, by finding all your PC's various hardware components and letting the operating system know it can use them. As with any software, your computer or motherbo ( Full Answer )

What general purpose does bios serve in a computer?

Although BIOS has gone a long way and has changed greatly in complexity since it's origins, Basic Input/Output System is a piece of software that is responsible for first, detecting, testing and initializing system devices. It then uses one of these devices, finds the next software on a storage devi ( Full Answer )

What does the BIOS do in modern computers?

The BIOS (often also known as CMOS) is a Programmed ROM that comes integrated on the motherboard and stores instructions to perform the Power On Self Test (POST) and then load the Bootstrap. The Operating System Of a computer is a vast set of programs which is impossible to start if it isn't loade ( Full Answer )

What are the functions of BIOS in computer systems?

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the first low level programthat is loaded into the computer memory. This program performsinitial hardware diagnostics memory, disk, I/O, video, etc., andthen transfers to a boot program usually located on a hard disk.

Which would be a reason update the bios of a computer?

The BIOS chip holds programs that 'kick-starts' your computer when you first switch it on. Occasionally, these programs need updating. It's perfectly safe to update the BIOS if asked to do so by the computer.

How do you access the BIOS setup on a computer?

The answer usually is displayed on your screen for a couple of seconds at the beginning of the boot process. I think you usually have to press F8 at that time, but it varies.

How does BIOS keep memory when computer is off?

Whiel the computer is plugged into a power supply, the BIOS is maintained by a 'trickle current'. When the computer is unplugged, The BIOS is powered by a lithium cell similar to a large watch battery. It's housed on the circuit-board, and needs replacing every few years.

What is the purpose of bios in your computer?

The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is software that resides right on your motherboard which allows the system to start up, test itself to ensure that all essential hardware is present and working, and load an operating system from whichever storage device(s) it's configured to load them from ( Full Answer )

What does the BIOS do in a computer?

The Term BIOS stands for BASE INSTRUCTION OPERATING SYSTEM. These instructions are what actually start the processor and associated hardware to run the installed Operating System. I.E., Windows XP.

What is the function of a computer BIOS?

The BIOS is a chip on your computer's motherboard that gives it instructions on how to start up and how to operate. It stands for Basic Input/Output System.

Can the BIOS cause a thermal shutdown to a computer?

Yes. One of the jobs of the BIOS is to monitor the temperatures ofvarious components inside of the computer (like the CPU) andautomatically shut the computer down if the heat reaches dangerouslimits. This action is done to protect the motherboard and computercomponents from permanent damage. If you ( Full Answer )

What is first bios or post in computer?

All computers have to be given instruction before they will doanything. The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the firstprimitive instructions that gets the computer up and running andruns some tests to see that it's working. These tests are calledthe POST or Power On Self Test. After that it's han ( Full Answer )

Why does a computer need BIOS?

A BIOS or EFI firmware onboard a computer is one of the mostcritical parts of the booting process. It's responsible forchecking for new hardware if there are any, if all connectedhardware are working, and lets the computer boot from a operatingsystem that is loaded to a drive that is already preconf ( Full Answer )

Can a virus affect the BIOS of a computer system?

Usually NO , because the BIOS is in some type of ROM. However with manufacturers switching to EEPROM or Flash to storethe BIOS (to permit updates without having to replace parts) theremay be a small potential that some virus programmer may find a wayto infect certain BIOSs on some computers.

What is the importance of BIOS and CMOS in a computer?

The BIOS is firmware stored in a ROM that includes the bootstrap,and low level I/O device drivers. It is needed to startup thecomputer, perform hardware self tests, and load the operatingsystem so that the machine can then be used. CMOS is a digital integrated circuit design and manufacturingprocess ( Full Answer )