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It probably means that there is a problem with the electrical connection between the brake ligts and the brake pad and so it does not light when one brakes. Another possibility is that there could be a real serious defect in the braking system e.g. the brake fluid tubes.

AnswerIt means a lot of things, but the most common and simplest is that one of the brake light bulbs burned out. Honda puts two in each brake light so you don't get rear-ended on the freeway or pulled over by the cops before you can get to the auto parts store, but check your brake lights by pulling each bulb, inspecting it and cleaning the socket.

It could also mean the brake fluid is low. The most common reason for this is that the brake fluid in the reservoir goes down as your brake pads wear our. Warn pads often result in low fluid and a brake warning light. Check your fluid level. If its low don't fill it. First, check your brake pads front and rear to see if they are worn out. If you fill the reservoir and then replace the pads, you will spill fluid out of the reservoir when you push the pistons back in the calipers.

The other most common brake light indication is if the emergency (parking) brake is engaged. Check to make sure it is released.

I have to disagree with the second answer. Normal brake wear will NOT cause a lower fluid level. The brake indicator on usually always means low fluid in the brake system. Blown light bulbs in the brake circuit will NOT cause a brake light to come on. It is only something directly related to the brake system. Brake Fluid is the monitored component in the brake system. It also will give an ABS light with LOW FLUID,,,,possibly indicating a leak.

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Q: What does the Brake Lamp mean if lite up?
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What does it mean if the brake lamp lights up?

Low brake fluid level - due to leak or worn brake pads Parking brake not fully released

Your emergency brake light and slip light and vdc light is lite up on the dashboard of your 2003 infiniti g35?

You need brake fluid

How do you replace the parking light on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The brake, turn signal, back-up, and side marker lamps are incorporated in the tail lamp. # Remove the screws attaching the lamp to body . # Disengage the lamp from the alignment pin. # Disconnect lamp wire harness connector. # Separate lamp from vehicle. The brake, turn signal, back-up, and side marker lamp bulbs are incorporated into the tail lamp. # Remove the tail lamp. # Rotate the bulb socket counterclockwise. # Separate the socket from the lamp # Remove the bulb from the socket

Why does your brake lamp light up on your Accord 1997?

fuesed breaklamp replace bulb.

When you switch on the light brake light does not come on but if you switch it off hit the brakes it comes on?

with the park lights on both left and right side are lite. but when the brake is applied the right brake lights up and the left goes out(doesn't light up)

The back dash lite will lite when the brakes are applied. The two tail lites will not lite up when the break is applied. What could be wrong?

If the back dash light will light when the brakes are applied but the two tail lights will not light up, there is probably a short in the wiring somewhere. It could also be that the fuse for the brake lights is burned out.

What does the red brake light mean in a ml320?

it means your emergancy brake is up

What does it mean on the dashboard when it lights up the word brake?

Parking brake is on, Brake fluid is low, Hydraulic failure of the brake system.

What does abs lite mean on Ford Mustang?

A malfunction has been detected with the Anti - lock Brake System , as long as your red brake light is not lit up in your dash you still have " normal " brakes It could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem

How do you make the brake lamp on the panel of your 98 Accord go off if the tail lights are all on when you turn them on but the one on the right does not light up when you put brake on?

Replace the brake lamp (the one on the right that doesn't go on). Go to a local autoparts store to buy the bulb (usually not more than a few dollars). They might even help you replace it. If it was just a burnt-out bulb, the brake lamp light on the dash should go out once the bulb is working again.

Why does your motorcycle circuit breaker pop when you hit the brake?

Check the wire that goes to your break light. Somewhere along the circuit it is grounded before the lamp and after the switch. Look on the circuit from the switch to the lamp. What is happening is, the circuit is good up to the time that you apply the break. This closes that brake light switch, When the switch closes it sees the dead short and not the lamp. The breaker popping is protecting the circuit wiring from burning up.

Why does the gearshift on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT not come out of Park You don't have to depress the brake to unlock it All normal maintenance has been kept up?

replace brake lamp stop switch

What does exhaust gas warning lamp mean ona2003 polo?

why does the exhaust gas warning lamp symbol come up on the dash board

What does it mean when you push the brake petal and the car revs up on a 1990 Crx?

The Brake booster needs replaced

2002 Dodge ram 1500 pick up Why is the Lamp Out light on the dashboard on?

One or more of the tail lights, head lights, or brake lights is out.

What to use to measure height of a lamp?

probably to measure a lamp depending on if its a desk lamp or a stand up lamp, if you use a stand up lamp, i would suggest using either feet or inches

1991 Honda Accord LX 3rd brake light comes on with headlights tho not at full intensity until you step on the brakes then it brightens up Brake lamp warning then come on on dash panel no cruise?

You have a bad ground.

What does it mean when brake lights won't turn off when the truck is off or running?

Take your toe and pick UP on the brake pedal. The brake pedal may not be returning as it should.

Will a lighter blow up if lite upside down?

it depends on how long u hold the when its lite

What is the red light behind my 95 mustangs steering wheel that seems to light up when i brake?

Do you mean the " BRAKE " light ? - when the brake fluid level is low in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment , the " BRAKE " light will come on just like it does when the parking brake is engaged

How do you open up a magic lamp in Aladdin?

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What does it mean when a 2003 ford explorer gearshift is locked up?

It could be a bad brake light switch. You have to step on the brake to shift it out of park.

Can it being low make your brake caliber lock up?

If you mean low of brake fluid, the answer is no. When a caliber locks up it is usually caused by contamination of moisture in the brake fluid. This causes the caliber to rust and then it will lock up. You are more than likely going to have to replace both front calipers. You also need to flush your brake system and put in fresh brake fluid.

Can you play dead or alive on Ds lite?

You should be able to play it unless you have a messed up lite.

What does rear lamp failure mean?

Your Jeep is trying to let you know, before the ticket, that you need to replace some or all the light bulbs in the back end of the Jeep. ie, Tail lights, Back up lights, Lic. Plate lights, brake lights

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