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What does the CB mean on a Honda CB350f?

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They usually don't stand for anything (with a few exceptions), but the letters can give you a sense of the bike's geneology. For example, Suzuki came out with the GS series in the seventies. These were standard bikes - somewhat sporty, but no fairings or similar plastic. Then they introduced the GSX Katana. Then after that, they brought out the GSX-R line of sport bikes that were more extreme than the Katana Some of Honda's bike initials do apparently stand for things - the VT bikes have V-twin engines, VF bikes have V-fours, and the Goldwing series is called the GL CB has something to do with the carburetor design/type. I believe this post is confusing CB with CV. CB purportedly stands for 'City Bike', but I have never seen this documented by Honda. CB is an indicator of Honda's street bike line up (as opposed to RC for instance, which is Honda's moniker for its competition models). CV carbureators are a specific type of carbureator, commonly known as Constant Vacuum or Constant Velocity, in which intake vacuum is used to control the opening/closing of the throttle plates. This is as opposed to a throttle cable directly controlling the throttle plates.

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Where do you find vin for 1973 cb350 Honda?

The VIN for all older Honda CB models is on a plate on the neck of the frame right behind the headlight. You read it easiest from the right side of the bike (as seen from sitting on the bike) and it starts off with CB350F then is usually a letter followed by 7 numbers.

What is the timing gap for a Honda CB 125?

Honda CB 125S manual says .2mm - .3 mm

What does the CB mean on a Honda motorcycle?

CB is just a model designator. for example in mobile phones , nokia release N series,E series, X series... can anyone find what does N,X,E mean?

Where can one purchase a Honda CB?

You can purchase a Honda CB from AOL Autos. Alternatively, you can purchase this vehicle from eBay motors or from local classified websites such as Craigslist.

Axle nut socket Honda CB 400?

My 71 CB 500 is 22mm I believe. Try that

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Carburetor rebuild kit for Honda CB 750f?

What mileage is gained in Honda CB twister?

50 kmpl

What is the top speed of the Honda CB 600F?

The top speed for the 2004-2006 CB 600F is approximately 170 mph. See the related link for additional information.

What year is Honda cb 400 nc39-1000539?

This is honda CB4 Hyper vtec 1999

What is the top speed of the Honda CB 1000cc R?

171 mph

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Is iridium spark plug compatible to Honda cb 110?

Yes it is.

Why would a Honda a make a popping sound when turning and going over bumps?

probably CB axel, is it a honda?

What is the Spark plug gap for a 1971 Honda cb 750 motorcycle?

.028 in.

Horse power of cb 1000 Honda motorcycle 1983?

89 HP

How much Oil does your Honda CB 500 K takes?

3.1 Litres

What is the Shift pattern for Honda cb 750?

one down four up

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How do you remove the seat on a Honda CB 750 k?

undo the bolts numb nuts

What is the biggest motor that can be swapped into a 1973 Honda CB350?

A CB 500/4 engine.

What is oil capacity for 1978 Honda cb 750k?

3 1/2 qt

How fast is a 1981 Honda cb 750 supersport?

ap.130 top end