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Roman Catholic AnswerThe Church takes no stand on children born with a caul.
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Why do you believe in the Catholic church?

I believe in God. The Catholic church is the church God created.

What does it mean to be a member of the Catholic Church?

To be a member of the Catholic Church means to believe in Catholic Christianity and be a official in the Roman Catholic Church and/or attend a Catholic Church.

What is the difference between the roman Catholic church and Ukrainian Catholic church?

ukrainian catholic church is really protestant I do believe

Why do Catholics believe in the church?

Catholic believe in the Church for a variety of personal reasons.

Who began the Catholic church?

Catholics believe that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church.

What is the biggest church in Ireland?

The Roman Catholic Church, I believe.

Why do Methodist say believe in the holly Catholic church when saying the Apostles Creed?

The " catholic " in the creed has a lower case C..... therefore this is the universal church, not the actual Catholic Church. So catholic = Universal Church Catholic = The Catholic Church ( The one with the Pope )

Do Roman Catholics believe the Roman Catholic Church is the only true faith?

Catholics do believe that the Catholic Church is the only true faith.

Who are catholics?

Catholics are any who profess to believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Teachings of the Catholic Church are outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is kind of like the Catholic Church's Constitution.

Why can't an Episcopalian from high church receive Communion in a Catholic church?

Roman Catholic AnswerAn Episcopalian, regardless of his persuasion (high church or low church) is still a protestant, even if he likes the more Catholic ceremonies of the high church. Holy Communion in a Catholic Church is restricted to those who believe as a Catholic and are in a state of grace (have been baptised, and have been to confession). An Episcopalian is not Catholic, and does not believe as the Catholic Church does. If he does believe what the Catholic Church does, like everyone else, he must attend RCIA classes and be legitimately brought into the Church at the Easter Vigil. Having been a "high church" Episcopalian myself, I know of what I speak!

What are three signs of the Catholic Church?

I believe you are referring to the marks of the Church. There are four: One Holy Catholic Apostolic

Did the creed used by the Methodist Church have believe in the holy Roman catholic church and when?

the "holy catholic [i.e., universal] church" - there is no reference to Roman

What religion is the Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou are probably not going to believe this, but the pope of the Roman Catholic Church is actually a Roman Catholic.

Are you a Good Catholic if you believe in Rh bill?

The Catholic Church has come out completely opposed to the Rh bill as nearly every one of its provisions is 180 degrees from what the Catholic Church believes and preaches. To be a good Catholic you must educate yourself on what the Church teaches, believe it, and live by it.

Why do Roman Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is the only true faith?

.Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics believe that the Catholic Church was the only Church established by God through His Son, Our Blessed Lord, who guaranteed it until the end of the world, and promised that there would be only One Shepherd and One Fold. Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is the only true faith because they believe God and take Him at His word.

How do you join the Liberal Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Liberal Catholic Church has no relation whatsoever to the Catholic Church. Some of the things they believe would put them more in the satanic realm according to Catholic theology. Please be careful.

Who founded the holy roman and apostolic church?

Catholics believe that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church, and that this Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

Who is the guardian of heavens gates?

The catholic church believe it is Peter.

When does the catholic church believe Jesus?

When? Everyday day of our lives!

What is karma in roman catholicism?

The Catholic Church does not believe in karma.

What are the basic types of church?

I believe it could be Catholic and Protestant.

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