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Different people would give different answers to that question. There is no one right answer. My answer would be that it represents the hopes and dreams and aspirations of the American people from the time of the founding to the present day; it represents the yearning of a free people to have a free government answerable to them but strong enough to effect the proper purposes of government and it represent the absolute genius of the men who framed it, the first such government in over two thousand years. Of course, the question, "What does it represent?" is very different from the question, "What is it?"

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Q: What does the Constitution represent?
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What party does each candidate represent?


Why does the constitution provide for a bicameral congress?

The U.S. Constitution provided for a bicameral congress. The Senate was meant to represent the states, and the House of Representatives was designed to represent the people.

What did the signers of the constitution represent for there state?

chingala pothal

What does article 3 of the constitution represent?

the Judicial branch

What state did Madison represent in the constitution convention?


How autochthonous is the 1999 constitution of Nigeria?

Nigeria 1999 constitution is not an autochthonous constitution because the constitution was drafted by humanistic galaxy of mobs ( mobocrats) or militocrats - that never represent the interest of the common man but represent the tyrannical kleptomaniac and voracious thievery interest of the drafter- the military.

What does the Independence Hall represent?

Independence Hall represents the signing of the constitution. It can also represent where the liberty bell is.

Which state did Robert Morris represent in the constitution?

Pennsylvania sir

Who was the first to sign the US Constitution and what state did he represent?

george washington

What plan is laid out in the US Constitution?

to represent the duty an obligation of government

Why do congressmen live in their home state when the Constitution says they shall not?

On the contrary, the Constitution requires members of Congress to be residents of the States which they represent.

What symbols of Liberty represent the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?

The Liberty Bell

The framers of the Constitution designed the House of Representatives to represent the?

more populated states

Did the framers of the Constitution represent all of American society?

No. 90% of the people were farmers. The 55 men writing the constitution were planters, lawyers, and professional .

Explain a constitution based federal republic?

A Constitution based federal republic is a system in which the people vote for government officials to represent themselves that will be held accountable based on the laws of the Constitution.

Does interpreting the Constitution represent evolutionist thinking?

If you are talking about the US constitution, I would not have thought so. After all the Supreme Court interprets the modern day meaning of the constitution on a daily basis.

How many people were listed in the Constitution as the amount each representative would represent?


Who did the federalist represent?

They were large land owners, wealthy merchants, and professionals who were in support of the Constitution.

When the constitution was written a member of the house of representatives was to represent how many people?

thirty one

What does the tree of great peace represent in the Iroquois constitution?

the alliance among the five nations

What does the council fire represent in this passage from the Iroquois constitution?

The council fire in the Iroquois Constitution is a way of describing local village governments. Representatives of the local council fires attend larger council fires to represent the local interests of their people.

What is the main priciple of the US Constitution?

The main principle in the U.S. Constitution is DIVIDED powers. The President has certain powers, but cannot interfere in the Legislature. The Legislature has certain specific ("enumerated") and limited powers. In the original Constitution, the House of Representatives were to represent the people, while the Senate was to represent the independent State governments. The passage of the 17th Amendment greatly altered the "checks and balances" of the Constitution.

When the Constitution was ratified in 1788 who was allowed to vote?

The United States Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788. It was the states that voted, by sending delegates to convention to represent them.

What does the shade of the tree of the great peace represent in the Iroquois constitution?

the comfort of being ruled by the council

What was the federalists central argument in support of ratification of constitution?

we needed a central voice to represent america