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Essentially it states the Enlightenment ideas that men were created equal and had rights. The second part tells what problems were in the colonies and that the king did nothing to correct them. Finally, it declares the colonies independent from the king.

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Q: What does the Declaration of Independence say in understandable terms?
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IS it grammatically correct to say Declaration of Independence or independence declaration?

It's the Declaration of Independence. The thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.

How do you say the Declaration of Independence?

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What is the declaration of Indepence?

The declaration of independence was an important docuement signed to say that America had independence from England.

What does the author say about the bulk of the content in the Declaration of Independence?

The bulk of the content in the Declaration of Independence were about liberty and freedom.

Why did Josiah Bartlett sign the Declaration of Independence?

He signe the Declaration of Independence because he believed that we all deserved a say in what to do.

Did the Declaration of Independence say that the ruler of the colonies will be elected by a vote of the people?

The declaration of Independence didn't say anything about a "ruler". It was a letter to the king listing the reasons why the colonies wanted to be free and then declaring independence.

What did the declaration of independence say about men?

that they are created equal

What doesn't the Declaration of Independence say?

my pants are on fire

What rights in the Declaration of Independence were violated?

I'd say that the right to free speech and/or freedom of the press are the most violated rights in the declaration of independence.

What did the declaration of independence say about the rights of people?

We are all equal

What did the Declaration of the Independence say?

it says we can have liberty freedom :D

What does the first section of the Declaration of Independence say?

it mean freedom

What did Benjamin Franklin say when he signed the declaration of independence?


Where does the declaration of independence say governments get their power?

consent of governed

Is Declaration of Independence say freedom of speech?

No, the bill of rights does

Whose opinion does the declaration of Independence say it is adressed to?

the colonists

What documents say that all men are equal?

The Declaration of Independence

What does the Declaration of Independence say about the Massachusetts government act?

No not a word.

Is Declaration of Independence a noun?

Yes, the words declaration of independence alone are a noun, I believe. However, if one were to say "The United States Declaration of Independence," it would become a proper noun and therefore capitalized. I realize that to America, our Declaration of Independence is the only document of its kind and therefore is considered only a proper noun, but to other countries, it is not the same. It is a regular noun. When speaking of our document, they refer to it as the American Declaration of Independence.

What does the first paragraph of the declaration of independence say?

it says that America sucks

Did the declaration of independence say anything about freedom?

yes yes vfsdgdsfgsdfgsfgsdfgsdfg

In the Declaration of Independence who did Jefferson say had the right to create a government?

The People

What does Lucas say about the preamble to the Declaration of Independence?

That it was perfectly written. - APEX

What does the Declaration of Independence have to say about slaves?

nothing, the men that were writing the declaration of independence decided to not to put a natural right for slaves in it because they would not get enough signatures from the southern colonies.

What following issues was removed from the Declaration of Independence?

i dont care what u say